Hailey is a generous and enjoyable teacher. Her course content and feedback is extremely valuable, and the project gets you to a point where you know how to make good quality film projects right away. I definitely recommend. Especially as an active student.
Deanna Gerlach

“Hailey is one of those people whose enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. You can feel this in her work, and it follows through into her teaching. She is so giving with her information and time that you can't help but fall in love with film making too, no matter what your level or aspirations. A wonderful class.”
Kirsty Larmour

"Hailey Bartholomew's Film-Making class was a valuable next step for me in my journey with video. I loved learning about making brand films and telling stories for clients that are not necessarily families, but businesses or non-profit organizations. Hailey's interviews with her collaborators were incredibly interesting and gave really great insight into all the nuts and bolts that go into filmmaking as a career. Above all though, Hailey's critiques were the most valuable part of the class. I have been so yearning for some really solid technical feedback on my work in order to grow and learn, and she gave me just that. It was unbelievably helpful and I am so inspired to now push myself to the next level."
Francesca Russell

"This is hands down, the best class i've ever taken. It was organized, comprehensive and absolutely inspiring. Leaving the class I feel excited and empowered and I would love to take it again."
Heather Eijzenga

"I learned so much from Hailey during this class, and I feel that it took my filmmaking to the next level. Hailey's creative sparkle is contagious, and I appreciated the time she put in to make this course so stimulating."

“LOVED LOVED LOVED this class! Hailey really helped each of us grow - beginners and advanced alike and was so throughout with her info! I went from thinking I knew what I was doing to really feeling confident in my skills as a storyteller. She equipped us with the knowledge to make our films much more interesting and dynamic in order to portray the emotion and story we wanted to tell. Plus, we had such amazing talent in our group and I can't wait to see what these fab ladies produce once they put the lessons into practice!”
Christin Kreml