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COming HOme

if you are not shooting what you love, the love of shooting disappears

with Jennifer Tonetti Spellman

Jennifer offers alumni seats to those who have previously taken Coming Home as a silent or active student. They are $150 dollars. Please contact Jennifer directly if you would like to purchase an alumni seat.

Class Overview:

When I started as a business 10 years ago, in-home photography was a genre very little photographers explored.

I honestly didn't know what to call what I did when I walked into a client's home and took a photo journalistic approach to capturing them as a family, versus a more directed approach in a location like parks and beaches.  I did do a a handful of location shoots a month as well, but it was in-home that really made my heart skip when I went to review those images at download.  Three years ago I made a move that some would consider business suicide: I dropped all 'location' shoots and went to a totally in-home documentary offering only.

Not only did it work- it rocked. Since then I have been coaching and encouraging students to make that leap- because when you shoot what you love, success and self-fulfillment comes.

Are you thinking of making the switch in your business? Or just starting to turn what you love to shoot into a business and want to know how to go about the in-home approach?

Are you scared to make the switch totally because of issues like indoor light, finding the story, and making your clients feel at ease?

From a business standpoint, are you looking for ways to market this type of session, price it and provide relevant products?

Then Coming Home is just what you need.