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bringing life and heart to both your client and personal work

with Kyla Ewert

Class Overview:

For a few years I wondered why I couldn’t get the images in my head onto my camera. I tried following “the rules”.  Instead of feeling like I was improving, I started to feel more removed from what I was creating. After some soul searching, I realized that connection was the missing piece in the photography puzzle for me. Once I opened up my heart to telling people’s stories and relating them to my own short comings, my images and my job took on a deeper meaning. If you can relate to this and you feel there is something missing in your client work, personal work, or you are struggling to connect with your audience, this course is for you. We will dive deep and get to the heart of what makes a connected, emotional image as well help you with simple poses and tips to bring out the REAL in both your clients and your own kids. I’ll take you behind the scenes during a family shoot, as well as show you how I approach photographing my own kids so you can see exactly what how I do it. 

If you are looking for something to bring your images to life, and give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone, this is for you. I invite you to take the next bold step in creating connection in your work and in your life. Flawed humans are most welcome, I promise you’ll be right at home with me.