Editing for Artists

a color theory intensive

with Roxanne Bryant

Class Overview:

The power of color leaves a deep and lasting impression on our imagery. The key to confident editing is understanding why color behaves the way it does. In this intensive class, you will gain insight on how color theory creates richness and depth, conveys mood, illuminates focal points and composition, and directly communicates your story.  Learn subtle color control through the mindset of a painter, working with the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) panel as your palette.  Utilize color theory in LIGHTROOM to correct color casts, analyze color relationships, and separate colors for more sensitive and dynamic color range in your work.  Perfect the "Art of Seeing" through deep self-critique to push your own personal boundaries and confidence with editing.  Finally, embrace a no-short-cut approach to editing - one that will bring greater understanding of every image as a singular work of art.  Be prepared to take risks, try different approaches, and bravely reinvent color in new ways. 

What You Will Learn:

  • To recognize that color, like light, is a crucial part of our shooting.

  • To hunt for and identify color, color pairs, and color schemes in your everyday shooting

  • That hand-editing is the final step in owning and executing your creative vision, as important as manually controlling exposure

  • The Art of Seeing: Assessing true focal point vs intended focal point

  • How color impacts composition, depth, mood, and story telling

  • Assessing and using White Balance as a creative tool

  • Leaning about the Color of Light

  • Learning how light affects color

  • Color casts vs color leans

  • Identifying and using complementary, secondary, and tertiary colors in your work

  • To create LR workflow for your color edits

  • How the color wheel and color theory directly relates to LR editing

  • How the HSL panel intimately affects color editing

  • To separate colors using the color wheel for more dynamic range in your work

  • How color edits affect b&w conversions

  • Creating purposefully warm and cool creative edits

Class Mechanics:

This two week online interactive class will include:

  • A supportive and communal atmosphere where questions, dialogue, and process-over-product are encouraged

  • Daily interaction and discussion with me on the lessons

  • 11 written lessons, 2 written bonus lessons

  • Editing videos that accompany lessons

  • 2 artistic play exercises to help you explore color through non-digital mediums

  • Two main assignments that explore color in both shooting and editing

  • Detailed CC on each assignment, including edit plans for revision and refinement

  • Inspirational artist series – masters and contemporary

  • A section for sharing and working through color edits beyond the core assignments

  • 100+ page PDF given at end of class with all lessons and bonus lessons

  • Invitation to join the after-the-class private FB group for continued editing help and discussion

  • A special section for silent students to interact and share work and findings

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This intensive is taught through LIGHTROOM only.  A basic understanding of the software is required, and no instruction of the technical aspects of the program will be given (ex:  uploading, cataloging, keywords, etc).  This class strictly adheres to the artistry of editing, encouraging personal vision to make imagery sing.  A solid understanding of manual shooting with a DSLR to achieve accurate exposure is strongly suggested to gain the greatest understanding of the concepts presented. 


Active $300 |  Silent $250 | Alumni $ 150

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Dates of Next Class:

4/22/19 to 5/5/19


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