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Elements of Self-Critique

developing tools for empowered growth

with Kate Densmore

Class Overview:

Your connection to your work is the best thing about what you do. It’s what makes your art, yours. Learning to embrace the subjective, emotional parts of photography while still creating technically sound images is possible. You can move forward, grow, and get better on your own terms.

It’s time to stop thinking of “self-critique” as a mysterious process that mostly involves beating yourself up, and time to start thinking of it as a positive tool for continued and empowered growth.

No one else will ever care about your work as much as you do. In this four week course, I’ll help you use that to your advantage, and teach you the tools necessary to do so. I know it’s scary to open up this side of yourself. But if you trust me, I’ll help you move past perfection, past doubt, and past uncertainty, to a place where you can be your own most trusted voice.