“This was an amazing course! In a subtle way, it touched me deeper than I had expected. I not only learned tools how to better critique my own images; I also walked away with more confidence and trust in my instincts, not only with respect to my photography. Kate is a truly wonderful teacher, and she helped us to open up by opening up herself a lot. It's very clear that she loves to teach and deeply cares about her students.”
Caroline Holt

“The Elements of Self-Critique opened my eyes and brought new concepts to my awareness. Kate is insightful, knowledgeable, relatable and I believe her guidance has already helped me to grow as a photographer. I can see myself referring back to the materials over the years and continuing to get more from the class. Definitely time and money well spent!”
Ohea Graham

“Kate really dug deep and dissected my images and gave me detailed reviews! It opened my eyes to many elements I was not aware of. It's one thing to create and a whole other thing to critique your own work. Great workshop! I learned so much.”
Reem Alshaikh

“This class was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about myself and my art through this process. Kate leads the class on an encouraging journey of self exploration which will result in a paradigm shift. Through this process, I recognized some untruths and unkind tapes I say about my art. Kate encouraged me to let go of these destructive voices resulting in growth in my art. While the skills are presented in the context of photography, these skills will easily carry over to many aspects of life. Not only did I grow in my photography through this journey of exploration, but I also grew in other ares of my life.”
Lisa Edney