"Point of View: Documentary Photography was an amazing opportunity to learn from Lindsey Bergstrom alongside many other talented photographers. The course challenged me to think more deeply and reflectively about my work and the direction that I am heading with my photography. References to accomplished documentary photographers helped me learn and experience the vast opportunities to tell stories through photos. I was also inspired to think about my work in projects - stories that I want to tell. I leaned strategies and techniques to help tell a story through meaningful photographs, how one might go about choosing a project, how to connect the project to real people and how to select the images that stand out as crucial to telling the story. I am still learning - but have already returned to the class notes to help me as I think about a project that I am currently working on. It has helped me confirm the importance of a personal connection to my photographs and subject. Thanks, Lindsey!"

"If you want to learn documentary photography then this class is for you. Lindsey is honest, raw and will really make your mind explore what documentary work really is and how you will perceive it in your own creative way. I am so pleased I took this class. What you will learn here will not be forgotten. You will use it, crave it and wish you could take her class again."

"This class is everything you think it might be...and more. Once you have completed it you will have a better love and understanding of the art of Documentary Storytelling, Lindsey Bergstrom is a great guide, teacher and motivator. A class you should definitely treat yourself to if you have ever had a story you are itching to tell!"

"Lindsey's approach to documentary photography and her incredible knowledge on the subject added depth to my thinking about photography as much as shadow adds depth to a portrait. This class challenged me personally and professionally, pushing me way out of my comfort zone and into an approach to image-making that has changed everything I do when I pick up my camera. Lindsey is kind but unrelenting, honest and exacting, and her criticism changed the way I think about beauty and meaning. I want to take the class again!"

"This workshop helped me to develop as an artist. It has helped me to learn more about photography and has also really helped me to look beyond the most likely photographic capture and strive for something more. I highly recommend this class and know I will be referencing this workshop frequently."

"It was an eye opener, game changer."

"I loved working with Lindsey. She really helped me see my vision and get my story across in a portrait. She helped me become a story teller rather than just a portrait taker."

"Lindsey, I only wish I had the time to devote much more time to this workshop. You were an amazing teacher, and so so inspirational. I know that in time, when I find that perfect project, I will have the materials and be able to confidently move forward with the story I want to tell. Thank you for being real, honest, and so informative on this subject. You shoot from the heart, and I love your passion. Thank you!!!"