Portrait Revolution with Lindsey Bergstrom + Illuminate Classes



a guide to creating connection, meaning and legacy through portraits

with Lindsey Bergstrom

Class Overview:

Creating a portrait is an intimate act.  A wordless interchange of trust that passes between the sitter and artist.  A portrait is far more than just a photo of a person; it is their story as an art form preserved in a single moment.  Portraits can be spontaneous and intuitive or calculated and crafted.   They can challenge, soothe, offend, and knock us over.  All are wonderful in their own way.  But what way is your way? What is your portrait voice? What stories and relationships do you want to tell with one single image?

In this course, we will work on creating images that explore the technical aspects of portraiture from traditional to environmental to fine art.  We will discuss available lighting and using spontaneity and the environment to strengthen your connection with the subject to create authentic portraits. Most importantly, we will explore the emotional space of people and the places they live since that is the crux of portraiture - capturing emotion. The goals of this class is to get intimate portraits that are raw, beautiful, mindful, and meaningful so we can preserve and create timeless portraits for generations.