Deb is an amazing teacher! She was available daily to comment and answer all our questions. What I most loved about deb was her true honesty and thorough constructive critique.  I walked in knowing very little about project development and walked away knowing exactly what I want to do.  Immense knowledge and real life examples were shared!
Reem Alshaikh

Deb was great! I'm so happy that you have offer this class, as I don't know of any other online classes that have this sort of subject matter.
Lacey Monroe

This class was packed with information. It answered every question I had without me having to ask. I think Deb went above and beyond what many teachers normally do. I would definitely recommend signing up for this class. I honestly didn't feel any less being a silent student. It was so thorough and covered so much. I have a whole new level of respect for Deb. She is not only a talented artist but she has a wonderful way with people and educating.
Sharon Covert

I've been looking for "something" for a while with my photography and am constantly striving to keep my work fresh and new. This class was just what I needed. I found a whole new world of fulfillment with Deb's class. Aside from her being just a genuinely excellent teacher, she inspired me with her talent and huge wealth of knowledge about fine art photography and developing personal projects. While she educated us on all the "ins and outs" of the fine art world specifics and how to dive into that arena, she also drove home the importance of developing projects that encourage growth in yourself as an artist (whether the world sees that work, or not). She taught us to be patient with ourselves and our journeys, as they are all each uniquely our own. Enjoy the ride, enjoy that time of just "becoming"and stay on the bus...that was her message. I'm thankful for my time in her course- it was so therapeutic as an artist and a human.
Desiree Deli

I can't say enough about Deb Schwedhelm's Project Development & Fine Art Class. She is an excellent instructor – open, informative, kind, intelligent and a wealth of information. The class exceeded all of my expectations and has left me feeling as if I'm at the beginning of an exciting, meaningful and fulfilling photography journey! Thank you so much, Deb!
Yasmeen Strang

“Deb Schwedhelm is such a good teacher! And such a great photographer with so much experience in the fine art world. This course was very helpful for me - I'm a professional photographer for quite a while in the advertising world but with no experience in the field of fine art photography. Deb goes through the whole process from the idea for a project to shipping an selling the pieces of art. And she encourages to see this as a process that takes years! She shows how ideas develops within the creation over time. It's about creating what you feel inside and you wish to communicate to the world. Deb is an inspiration and she knows how to deliver the information about creating a body of work.”
Sung-Hee Seewald

“I went in with so many questions about both Fine Art and Project Development. I came away with a greater understanding in both areas and what direction I should be pointing.  Deb was very gracious with her knowledge, skills, and time.  If you are seeking to delve into Fine Art photography, this is a wonderful class to soak up!  I am very grateful for the time, care & learning received in Fine Art & Project Development.”
Trish Reschly