"I'm a complete novice in social media (aside my personal FB page) and as I'm getting more serious about my photography, I wanted to learn how to manage it. Rowe's class was more than I had hoped for, it gave me the insights to different applications and platforms and opened my mind to aspects I had not even considered. She was beyond committed in this class, really taking into account each student and their needs; her information was accurate and up to date. I can warmly recommend this class."
Merja Varkemaa

"Seriously Social is an excellent class for those with fairly advanced competencies in multiple social medias looking to take their branding and social media to the next level. The information is fact packed and fast moving and an excellent resource for business owners focused on social media. Rowe is a warm and knowledgeable teacher."
Staci Schonbrun

"This class way exceeded my expectations. I thought I knew a fair amount about social media and I was just expecting to hone those skills. Rowe taught me so much more than I ever imagined. She is has such a wealth of knowledge and shares so much in such interesting and detailed ways. What a wonderful class!"
Louise Tee

"Rowe was so very thorough in covering all aspects of social media and marketing. She was able to access interviews with people out in the field with first-hand experience, which was invaluable. Her feedback was always quick, and she was constantly adding new bits in to the class in response to our questions."                                                Angela Skerman

"I didn´t have the opportunity to do almost none of the exercises/activities, because I didn´t have enough time and because I am just pretty new offering my services, so, I have a web but I am adapting it to the telephone screen and tablet and I don´t want to make my web visible if it is not finished. Anyway, I had saved all the information and I loved how Rowed explained us everything, how she shared all her knowledge and the detail she managed with all of us. I am really happy I could do this workshop and after some photography lessons I wish I keep on doing this kinds of courses. Thanks a lot! I have never done a similar course, with so much dedication and such kindly people. Rowe tried to help you in any problem you could have, whether it could be with the tool/social media she was teaching, or with something she was not supposed to teach, she made a very good effort to try to solve any problem. All the tips, all the videos, the tutorials, the extra data she gave us... It was extra complete."
Verónica Repetti