Jenn's Street Smart class was very inspiring and I eagerly recommend her class! I have lived in Chicago for 20 years but rarely shot street photography. This class gave me the tools to really dive into the neighborhoods and streets of Chicago. Jenn helped me with conquering my fears of street photography as well as providing me with a great appreciation of the art. Her assignments were challenging and enjoyable. It was a fast paced course with 2 assignments per week which helps immerse you into the genre. I am excited to continue with street photography as an exciting creative outlet! Thank you Jenn!

Jessica Ekern

This was a class I did not plan on taking. I remember a few years ago when Jenn opened up on social media about pursuing street photography. I didn't get it. I followed her awesome family photography business, and I couldn't, for the life of me, understand the segue. But, I understood her passion and drive and the need to follow the two. I have taken Jenn's Rewind 2.0 and Coming Home classes, so I went out on a limb and signed up for Street Smart because I love her as a teacher/mentor. Little did I know what this would unlock for me. The class was nonstop, intentionally structured and well planned. I didn't think street would be that intimidating until I actually had to do it. It forced me to work creatively in ways I previously hadn't. I worked with my iPhone because I didn't want to lug around my DSLR and love how that pushed me a bit more. Jenn's feedback was not only detailed but super personable, which I loved. She was so encouraging the entire time, pushing us a little further, championing our quest to complete our assignments. It felt like I was having a one-on-one convo with her, which added to the experience. Not once did I feel like I wasn't good enough or doing something wrong.

By the second assignment, I became completely hooked with street, which I was NOT expecting. Street made me carve out time for myself, pushed me to be a little more bold and less timid, gave me an exhilarating thrill when I got the image I wanted - most importantly, it helped me find a part of me that I didn't know existed at a time when I needed it. Now street has become my escape - the time I get to explore a new section of town (or an old one), pushing through my fears of being noticed on the street, looking for new angles, new opportunities and more.

Nicole Graziano

Street Smart trained my eye and my heart to really see the world around me. It also, through Jenn's great videos, gave me the skills and courage to get out there! It was fulfilling to shoot for myself, to capture how I see my world and the people who cross my path.There is humor, deep meaning and moments of delight when someone walks into your frame. This class is like a great treasure hunt. Some of my greatest feedback on social media has come from my Street Smart assignments. It was also thrilling to get a new set of photog skills that serve well in poor lighting. This class is a lot of fun, builds legit skills, and did not disappoint. In fact, it opened an entirely new genre to me that is bringing me a lot of joy!

Dawn Wessman

Ihave been already doing street photography for a couple of years and I absolutely love it. It is my happy place. Lately I have been feeling like I'm stagnating, my work is somehow too static. I took this class to find other approaches to street photography and to find spontaneity, color and life. To get closer to my subjects and really feel the scene and not only observe. I'm not there yet, but this class has given me a lot to chew on and think about. I really enjoyed it, especially the video lessons taking place in NYC.

Merja Varkemaa

I took this class because I'm always scared to photograph people in the street and wanted to challenge myself. And it was a challenge but Jennifer's enthusiasm for street photography and her tips and tricks in this class really helped.
It made made me look differently at things happening on the street and I never thought I would love it so much.
The video lessons were great to watch. I was a silent student but I think the video feedback was very useful, and informative for everybody.
Jennifer, thank you!! I really enjoyed this class and it inspired me to go out and do more street photography!

Kitty de Jong

Street Smart with Jenn was absolutely awesome. It’s a genre I’ve been interested in for a while, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Jenn covered all the bases to help get you out there on the street, and did so in a fun and engaging way. This class was a blast! And I’ve learned some great tips to keep me on my journey of street photography.

Jaime Mitchell

When I decided to take the course, I wasn't sure what street photography was all about, but I knew I wanted my photos to have an urban feel to them. It's a great avenue to pursue when you don't have willing and able subjects to photograph. It's perfect for those of us who love to wander the streets of cities with our cameras and document the feeling it conveys. As someone who loves photojournalism, but never pursued it as a career, street photography helps to fill a void I didn't realize I was there. This class has helped me grow as a photographer because I can forego manual shooting and really focus on composing a good shot. Jenn really stresses the magic of being in the moment while you are shooting and I've found it can be addictive because you never know what you are going to get when you go out on the streets.

Julie Bishop