Illuminate Classes: The Magician's Cape with Heather Robinson




 a revelatory look at motherhood through self-portraiture

with Heather Robinson 

Class Overview:

Rise and shine!  Wipe the sleep from your eyes.  I know you are tired.  I know this because I am tired too.  I am you.  You are me.  We are mothers.  As we know, a mother’s work is never done.  Even in sleep, we work.  We dream of our greatest works of art, our children.  And sometimes we lie awake at night unable to rest our weary minds.  Worry is a poor bed fellow.  Yet, we keep company with it because we love with such an intensity that we constantly want more.  We want more for our children.  We want to be more for them.  There is a desperate need to give our children all that we never had.  We share our love through bountiful acts of devotion.  Sometimes we are so busy carrying out the multiple roles of motherhood that we overlook one incredible role.  We forget to leave a trail for our children to follow should they become lost one day and need to find their way back home to us.  Every person’s story begins with mother.  

Of the many gifts for our children, one of the greatest is a legacy of photographs and words that are woven together in a family tapestry.  The problem that we face as we attempt to weave this masterpiece is the loss of our needle.  The needle carries the beautiful threads stitching together our tapestries.  When you go in search of your needle, you will come face to face with yourself.

In this two week online intensive workshop, I will teach you the techniques needed to add yourself to your family history using self-portraiture.  In order to step into the picture frame, you must first find your proper mind frame.   I will call upon you to show up for your children.  To give them more by showing them more.  Step out from behind your camera and join them as your family stories unfold.  So, wake up Mama, throw on your cape, and get to work.  Your children are waiting for you to make your magic.