"I absolutely loved Leah's class! Her introduction to Lightroom, sharing of her processes, and lessons on editing were all very beneficial. I've used nothing but Lightroom for 5 years now and I learned so much about the program modules, how to customize Lightroom to my own workflow, and I was even introduced to new tools and buttons! Such a great class by a very talented and uplifting teacher!"
Sandy DeGasser

“Leah's class is not only perfect for someone getting their feet wet with Lightroom, but also for someone who has done it for a while. It's about a lot more than learning which sliders do what. (Although, that is in there as well!) The class explores editing as an extension of your artistry. The next step in finding your voice and making art that is true to your own unique vision.”
Mariah Evans

“If you are struggling with finding your own editing style, Leah will guide the way. I had never used Lightroom before this class and through Leah's videos, I learned it in 2 weeks and it has drastically changed my editing abilities as well as saved me hours of time editing. Can't recommend it enough.”
Jessica Goyda

“I got more out of The Simple Edit than I had anticipated. Not only did Leah provide excellent video reviews of how to use all the tools to edit in LR, she also taught us how to organize all our files in LR and on our hard drives/external drives. I can not tell you how essential her tips have been to me! I feel so much more organized now that I import all my photos using the workflow she has shared with us. On top of that, she walked us through how she approaches her sessions in order to sort through all the images she shot to arrive at her final favourites. It felt so personal, like you were getting taught one on one! What I loved about the class with Leah was also how responsive she was to our questions and confusion! When there seemed to be questions about the same topic, Leah would spend the extra time to make another video to teach us the concept we had questions on. Leah was encouraging and was able to critique our submissions in a constructive way, with no feelings of judgement. She was very careful to allow each person their own artistic expression, while trying to help us refine our own eye! I recommend you take this class even if you feel you are pretty good at editing already. It was more than just about using the tools in the Develop Module.”
Rachel Watters

"Leah's The Simple Edit class was fabulous! She was thorough, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. It was wonderful to see the improvements in everyone's edits as Leah taught us all to "see"! Thank you, Leah! Thank you, Illuminate!"
Yasmeen Strang

"This was an excellent class that provided an in depth overview of the editing process - from soup to nuts. Leah is an extremely talented photographer who provides very precise advice and shares how someone with a trained eye looks at both individual images and the body of work as a whole. The videos she created are truly rich with wisdom and tips, and I have already watched the videos several times to soak it all up. The only thing I wish I did differently was schedule a few hours with a babysitter during the two week stretch to study the videos and work on homework. That said, it is definitely one of the photo best classes I have taken."
Donna Graybill

"This was such a wonderful class! I have learned a lot and I truly enjoyed the insight Leah gave us in her work and sharing her knowledge and experience. Leah's critique was given in a constructive and encouraging manner. Great workshop!"
Danielle de Lange

"Leah walked through all the steps of editing right from how Lightroom works to finding your voice through your edits. She was encouraging and extremely available throughout the entire process. I already feel more confident both in my edits and culling my client work to create a stronger session. There is quite a bit of the course dedicated to learning Lightroom basics, so if you already know Lightroom you will still get something out of the course but in my opinion someone who is a beginner in Lightroom would get the most out of the course."
Michelle Little

"Thank you so much Leah for all of your hard work and extra bits and pieces you put into this class along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it and as someone who tends to fail big time at online workshops, I found this one great to keep up with especially during a very hectic couple of weeks. xx"
Kellie Robinson

"Leah does an amazing job! She provides a write up so you know what to expect and can be prepared to know what information to expect in the video which is great for learning! She is concise and very informative... I loved Leah's class and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a talented professional."
Heather Persun-Ake

"The Simple Edit is a great class if you are a new or advanced Lightroom user. It makes you see your work differently and how to edit efficiently and stay true to your personal style."
Bree Hester

"Up until this point I have had zero editing experience. If anything I would just hit the "enhance" button in my Photos app and call it a day. I have such a greater handle on this process now thanks to Leah's simple edit class. Instead of taking images and never really doing anything with them, I now have a workflow that's easy and makes a lot of sense to me. Leah, thanks so much for all your help, I am so much more confident and what I did not realize before taking this class, is that your insight has made me take better photos even before the editing process starts. Your work has definitely been an inspiration to me and your honest and truly caring way of speaking to us made me relax and instill a confidence in me that I know that I can really do this also. I can't wait to shoot for the next 12 months and see where I am in a year after taking your class. Thanks again, much appreciated!"
Erin Cook

“Leah was great at trying to gently push us to take a second look - not to instill her particular style on our edits but to suggest how/where we might look to make the edits better or simpler. She was very patient and I could tell she really wanted the class to be a good experience for everyone. I learned so much but ultimately felt that I should take this class again once I have taken more pictures/figured out my style/have more confidence. The level of photography in the class was a little intimidating (everyone was super nice - but I just felt that I was a little out of my league). I sometimes felt I couldn't even take it all in. I learned so much and am excited to put some of my editing skills to practice.”
Carol Horn

“I really enjoyed the class. I had a silent seat, which enabled me to log on around my hectic work/life and catch up with the lessons when I could. I particularly enjoyed and learned from the videos showcasing Leah's edits of the student's pictures - totally brings the instruction to life when you see it in practice. I learned lots of new tricks with lightroom, tools I had no idea existed. Loved the course - thanks, Leah!”
Samantha Jones

“This was an amazing class that was taught with passion, expertise and enthusiasm. Leah was more than dedicated to ensuring her students understood the material and was very thorough in her explanations of her workflow. She truly does approach her work with a "simple edit" in Lightroom and encourages her students to do the same. Before class, I was caught up in the technicalities of the "numbers" in Lightroom and Leah taught us how to use our eye and vision as our guide. Additionally, she taught us different ways to use tools in Lightroom that I had never thought of before (i.e. the radial/gradient and brush tools, wow!). The amount of information that she covered in class amazed me. I swear she did not sleep during the time we were together! Overall, it was such a great experience and I highly recommend it!”
Allison LeMay