Website Strategy and Design with Kate Densmore and Illuminate Classes


Website Strategy and Design

setting up your website for success

with Kate Densmore

Class Overview:

Your most important business asset as a photographer is your website. It’s where you have the best opportunity to convey your brand message and identity to your audience and convert visitors into clients. It’s your online storefront, and for many of you, your only storefront. It’s often the first impression prospective clients have of you, and unlike social media platforms, it’s something you own and are in complete control of.

The possibilities are endless.

I’ll help you evaluate, strategize, and execute your brand identity into an online space that is more effective, using research-based techniques, so that your website can finally be the powerful marketing tool it’s meant to be.

I’ll teach you the website strategies you’re missing, and help you create a website that is effective as it is beautiful.