Advanced Film-making

with Hailey Bartholomew

NEXT SESSION: 1/6/20 to 1/31/20 (with a one week break to create your own film)


Class Overview:

I have been playing with film-making for nearly ten years now and while initially I just captured my children as they grew, it wasn’t long before I started to have ideas for stories that I wanted to share with the world. Many stories later, what was once a hobby is now a full time career for me and I love every moment of it! The medium of film never ceases to amaze and move me. It is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and share stories and ideas. A good film takes us on a journey and can change our very understanding of life. This is a fascinating opportunity to me. 

The Advanced course is for people who have had already experimented with film making but want to take it to the next level. This class is fast paced and has loads of info. It would be helpful to have made a film or two before embarking on this or perhaps take the beginner class before this one. Do you want to GROW your filmmaking skills and get feedback on your work? Are you ready to dive in a bit deeper and understand more about your settings and how to tell a story? Do you want to know how another film-maker makes things work - bringing a personal or commercial project to life? If this sounds like you, come and join us!

Please note: because of the nature of this course, Hailey does not take students who are local to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. 

What you will learn:

How I make films! 

  • I will break down the whole process for you including what settings and equipment I use

  • I will discuss how I stay inspired and work both on personal and client work

  • I’ll help you understand the process of making a film and the planning involved to see a project from idea through to completion

  • I will help you identify what stories you want to tell and show you how best to tell them

  • We’ll go deeper with settings and the technical stuff (but not get overwhelmed!)

  • You’ll learn how to add movement and keep things interesting in your films.

  • You will understand that film-making is not about the equipment you use but heart and soul, and learning how to communicate effectively

  • We will go deeper into filming for the editing process

  • The business of film-making - how do you price, work and deliver to clients.

Class Mechanics:

This four week online class will include:

  • A supportive place to further explore film-making

  • Daily check in’s and questions answered from me

  • exercises and lessons that will help you create great films

  • weekly assignments and one big video project to end the course

  • videos of me showing how I edit.

  • Individual CC on past work for ACTIVE STUDENTS

  • Individual CC and feedback assisntments for ACTIVE STUDENTS

  • Detailed behind scenes info on how I film my own projects

  • video chats from me about the course lessons

  • alumni students can participate in class and ask questions but will only get feedback from Hailey on final end project

  • there will be a one week break to give you time to create your own film

  • PDF at the end of the course

Student Reviews:

To see testimonials from past students go HERE.


A DSLR camera that has a video feature. You must have made a couple of short videos already. This course is for people who know how to do the basics but want to push it further. We will be using Adobe Premiere to edit. I recommend you also have this software to take your films to the next level.


Active Seat $350 USD |  Silent Seat $250 USD

To learn more in general about the different types of seats offered, go to our FAQ section.

Dates of Next Class:

1/6/20 to 1/31/20 (with a one week break)


Please message me with any questions HERE