Beginning Film-making

with Hailey Bartholomew

NEXT SESSION: 1/6/20 to 1/31/20 (with a one week break)

Class Overview:

I have been playing with film-making for nearly ten years now and while initially I just captured my children as they grew, it wasn’t long before I started to have ideas for stories that I wanted to share with the world. Many stories later, what was once a hobby is now a full time career for me and I love it! The medium of film never ceases to amaze and move me. It is one of the most powerful ways to communicate and share stories and ideas. A good film takes us on a journey and can change our very understanding of life. This is a fascinating opportunity to me. 

The Beginners course is for people who want to learn how to use their DSLR and edit their footage to make short films. Maybe you are a mum wanting to capture fleeting moments of your children. Maybe you are a portrait photographer and you have always dreamt of shooting film but the idea overwhelms you. Maybe you have already experimented with filming a little but the task of finding the perfect music and editing the footage was too much, so your project was never finished. 

If this sounds like you, come join us to learn the basics of film making! 

What you will learn:

How I make films! 

  • How shooting video differs from shooting stills

  • The best camera settings to use for film making

  • Assignments that will help you to shoot interesting footage with the edit in mind

  • The basic editing process, including finding the perfect music and using editing software

  • How to find inspiration in daily life to make beautiful films

Class Mechanics:

This four week online class will include: 

  • A supportive place to explore film-making

  • Daily check in’s and questions answered from me

  • Exercises and lessons that will help you create great films

  • Weekly assignments

  • Videos of me showing how I edit.

  • Individual Feedback and CC on assignments for ACTIVE STUDENTS

  • Detailed behind scenes info on how I film my own projects

  • Video chats from me about the course lessons

  • PDF at the end of the course

Student Reviews:

“I really couldn't possibly rave enough about Hailey and her film making class. I went into her class with no previous experience in film, other than taking videos on my iPhone. I had been wanting to learn how to start shooting film on my DSLR for such a long time now and knew this would be the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn. I truly feel that Hailey went above and beyond in the information, knowledge and experience she shared with us throughout the course. She put so much time and effort into answering our questions and providing us with feedback and she was so supportive and encouraging. I'm coming away from the class with a big fat brain full of information but with an even fuller heart. I've been bitten by the film bug and it feels so great to be exploring a new area of art through my camera. She's amazing at what she does and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her!”
Amanda Brooke

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


 A DSLR camera that has a video feature. You do not need to have made a film in the past to take part in this course but it would be useful to know how to shoot on manual mode. I would also suggest having a hard drive to store footage as it tends to take up a lot of room on your computer or laptop.

We will be using Adobe Premiere for the edit but please note that it is not imperative you use this. The general idea of editing can be applied to several different applications that are available. Some suggestions are iMovie, final cut x, Windows, and movie maker. Please note as I do not use these programs I can’t help you with operating them. The basics of editing will be shown using Adobe Premiere and you can apply that to whatever program you use.


Active Seat $300 USD |  Silent Seat $250 USD


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