"I learned so much from Hailey's class! I thought the pace and the amount of work each day was perfect. Although some technical information was presented, I really liked Hailey's emphasis on the artistic and aesthetic aspects of making films. She really encouraged us to get out there and just start filming!"
Stephanie Anestis 

"I cannot believe how much I learned in the 3 weeks and it has sparked the creative fire I was looking for!"
Emily Riedel 

"Hailey is an incredible artist who inspired me greatly throughout the workshop with her own work and the inspirational films she shared. She provided great tips and feedback that has helped me know what I need to work on to make short films full of beautiful movement and emotion."
Kirsty McPhee

"Hailey was amazing to learn from! I went from knowing absolutely nothing about filmmaking to now having the confidence to make films for my family as a way of preserving memories for my family! Thank you so much, Hailey!"
Missy Turner

"Hailey has a fun, inspiring approach to film making. Even though I'm not a beginner, I learned a lot about her specific approach and style."
Heather Eijzenga

“I really couldn't possibly rave enough about Hailey and her film making class. I went into her class with no previous experience in film, other than taking videos on my iPhone. I had been wanting to learn how to start shooting film on my DSLR for such a long time now and knew this would be the perfect opportunity to dive in and learn. I truly feel that Hailey went above and beyond in the information, knowledge and experience she shared with us throughout the course. She put so much time and effort into answering our questions and providing us with feedback and she was so supportive and encouraging. I'm coming away from the class with a big fat brain full of information but with an even fuller heart. I've been bitten by the film bug and it feels so great to be exploring a new area of art through my camera. She's amazing at what she does and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her!”
Amanda Brooke

“It does. Not. Get. Better. Than. Hailey. EVER.

I'm finding it near impossible to know where to begin because this was the most incredible, inspiring, jump-out-of-your-seat-with-glee-and-80s-dance-around-your-kitchen, spectacular opportunity imaginable. 
Hailey is THE most accessible, giving, talented, encouraging, supportive, inspiring, creative, spot on observant, genius teacher (AND filmmaker) imaginable. Anyone from mildly interested to intermediate in film would be IMMENSELY fortunate to get to study with her. IMMENSELY. She is MAGIC. 

She will make your films (and your photography subsequently) so much better than you ever could have dreamed and then some by offering her guidance, eye, ideas, observations, lessons, and 'learn by example' eye exploding experiences. Her insight and gift at teaching and sharing is ever expanding. She will answer any question openly and with heart. She will provide you with guidance and inspiration genuinely. She is so very very giving and open with her time and her craft and provides such an encouraging space to learn and share in that you will want to stay online 24/7. Did I mention it doesn't get better than Hailey? I meant it.
She has an extraordinary gift at sharing her HUGE wealth and breadth of knowledge, expertise and talent so very openly and accessibly that you feel like the luckiest person in the world to witness her videos and you kinda can't believe it's real. YES. It is THAT amazing.

You will be challenged. You will produce more content than you ever could have dreamed. You will learn so much that you will fill binders with helpful notes that you'll revisit forever more. You will see such beauty in Hailey and the other students's work that it will inspire and encourage you even further than you thought possible. And you will love every single minute of it. I went to bed every night smiling because of Hailey and this class.

She is so encouraging and creates such a delicious environment for everyone. Everyone was so supportive of each other's work and that was encouraged by her endlessly generous spirit and the space she creates for you.

I learnt SO much from this class in just three wee weeks that it doesn't seem human. I could not recommend this class more. The more time and dedication you have to devote to this class, the more rich your education, experience and learning shall be. 

Hailey is a freaking GIFT to anyone lucky enough to get in this class. She is so inspiring, talented, kind, encouraging, generous, informative, warm hearted, positive, knowledgeable, supportive, funny, caring, and all around wonderful. I kinda think she might be an alien. 
It's worth it's weight in gold/chocolate/anything you hold dearest.”
Meredith Zinner

The class was worth every penny. I had the best experience in this class. It was a game changer for me and Hailey's feedback is invaluable. The best class I have ever taken!
Yachinda Katili

“Hailey's class changed the course of my creative life and I can't thank her enough. Her infectious personality and personal filming style were everything I needed to jump in and make a change in my life.” 
Tracy Martin

“A few years ago, I was transitioning out of wedding photography, looking for another avenue for my creativity. I found Hailey Bartholomew on Creative Live! I knew nothing about video and indeed if my camera was even capable of it. Hailey showed me, it was ok to start somewhere, to explore my camera and learn by doing. Her class gave me all the basics I needed to get started, I was a Nikon girl, but that was ok, just needed to read my manual for video instructions. Then I was off, I was rack focussing, doing stop motion, telling small stories. Then I shot my first film, and I have not stopped shooting since. I built my business on the teachings of the lovely Hailey Bartholomew on Creative Live. I am living my dream now and owe it to Hailey. She is so generous in her teaching, honest, raw and most of all absolutely showing that it is possible to do”. 
Jennifer Parlanti

“Hailey’ course was so much fun to watch and learn from. She made it all seem so easy and fun. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in getting into film. The best part of the course was getting inspired to create my own video of my family!” 
Jackie Charlebo