“When I saw that Rebecca was offering to share her knowledge about birth photography, I knew I had to sign up. Birth Photography has always intrigued me and this seemed the perfect opportunity to learn from someone who's work I admire. When the first lesson began I could immediately tell that it would be different than most photography courses I've taken. Disclaimer: if you're looking for a step-by-step field guide about photographing birth, this class probably isn't for you. Rather, Rebecca created a safe and thoughtful space to challenge us and have us challenge ourselves. She wove a web of the technical and artistic parts of photography that can often be hard to combine. In order to connect with the class materials we had to be mindful and dig deep at times. I really really loved this course.” -Cristina Van Grol

“I have learned so much, not just about birth photography, but how to embrace my camera and push it to create beautiful images, how to embrace myself and own my stories, and you renewed my love of learning!  Rebecca was so engaged with all of us and I learned so much from not just my own photos, but from everyone else beautiful work and her advice to them.” -Hallie Paulson

"I learned so much from this class and took higher my knowledge of light, documentary and the culture of birth. I also wanted to get challenged on low light photography and it's exactly what i did. The whole process made me understand photography on a broader level. I'm now more confident and feel that i have a deeper understanding of my work." -Mariane Parent

“Birth is intimate. It is one of those things that you need to approach with tact and respect. This class opened my eyes to the importance of our role as documenters and how we can affect the story, negatively or positively. This class absolutely 100% made me a better photographer and overall human. Can not say enough good things about Rebecca and her wisdom. LOVED THIS CLASS!!!!!” -Ashleigh Sayer-Frederick

“Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable in her craft of birth photography and helped us to reach in and find the storytelling instincts we all have. Her feedback was timely, helpful, and thoughtful. I learned so much and really grew in this class in so many areas!” -Rebecca Ken -