“Coming Home was unlike any other online class I have taken due to the amount of specific, personal feedback we received with each and every lesson. The flow of getting a lesson (in PDF and video), working on an assignment related to the lesson, and getting direct and detailed (video) feedback on that assignment was an incredibly efficient and meaningful way to engage with the material. I was definitely challenged and motivated as a photographer and as a new business owner in this course.”
Kaleen Enke

“This class is a must for photographers who want specialize in In-Home. For me what is most important when I am taking a class is the role that the instructor plays. Not just the course material, but how the instructor interacts with the class. I felt Jenn was a natural at this. Her style of giving critique "with LOVE" was very effective for me. Her vast knowledge coupled with open and honest communication made this class successful in my eyes. More specifically, I came into the class knowing that I wanted to focus on In-Home but feeling not so confident about the steps to take to feel comfortable in a genre that is virtually unheard of in an area saturated with photographers doing posed on-location sessions, seniors and weddings. Jenn's well-organized class gave me the tools I need to feel confident to jump right in. After 3 weeks of class I have a website up and running (still needs some tweaking, but I had virtually nothing when I started the class), a Facebook business page dedicated to In-Home, and successful portfolio building sessions with usable images under my belt. I have a greater understanding of the importance of storytelling in my photography and the different ways that the same story can be told. In a nutshell, Jenn lit a fire under me and got me moving in the right direction with my new business.”
Melissa Bissell

“This class was a perfect fit for me. I’ve been photographing in home for a few years and thinking about the possibility of focusing only on documentary photography, but never thought I could make money with that type of photography. And I’ve always been awful with marketing. During the class I completely redesigned my website in a way that truly reflects my voice, learned about how to market for in home photography and got to meet a lot of talented photographer’s. And I can also see how much I’ve grown in these 3 weeks. And there’s Jenn: she’s amazing. Her video and written class are so thorough and she’s always available to answer our questions. If you want to shoot in home, are awful at marketing (just like I was), need to work on a rebranding of your website, I think this class might help you as well.”
Julia Moreira

“Jenn's feedback was extremely thorough, detailed, and thoughtful. She gave insightful information and constructive criticism/feedback to each of us active students. I learned something from each feedback video that I watched, including my own. Jen went above and beyond with her encouragement and passion and she really made me feel like a valued member of the class. I am not usually one to speak up a TON in online classes, but with each question I proposed and each comment I made, Jen was there with a quick reply and really addressed each one with a well-thought out response. I know she put a lot of time, energy, and heart into this class and we all felt the love. Thank you, Jenn!”
Kelly Crews

“Coming Home was exactly what I needed. The top line takeaway was simply "work smarter not harder." While a philosophy I would claim to abide to already) -- Jenn gave me the tools to do just that! The class is a great mix of practical and theoretical. Business and shooting. If you are willing to put the time in -- Jenn is there to support, guide and push you to a better place.”
Shannon Svensrud

“Jennifer's insight, constructive criticism, and tough love was so helpful. Not to mention, her encouragement and positive attitude was just what I needed to hear to push me, my photography, and my business to the next level. Can't wait to apply what I've learned and to continue growing and learning from others in the Illuminate community. Thank you, thank you!”
Shana Berenzweig

“This class was challenging, inspiring, and useful. If you are just starting out, a year into your business, or switching gears, this class is a must-take. The class is totally personalized to its participants; it is not a regurgitation of materials and feedback from other classes. Of course, the class is chock-full of great information, but the thing that really makes the class amazing is Jenn. She is knowledgeable, humble, inspiring, straight-forward, and more responsive than any instructor I've had before ... If you are considering this class, TAKE IT and take it full-participation.”
Melissa M.

“If you want to transform your business and take it to the next level….if you want to get off to the best start….this class is for you!  I wish I would have had this class three years ago when I just started.  It has been the best class I have invested in.  Jennifer breaks it down and simplifies it.  She makes it real by sharing her own experiences and she makes it fun!  She really has a desire to see people succeed!  I loved every bit of this class.”
Heather F.

“Coming Home was absolutely an essential step in my progress towards opening my business. The lessons were full of critical information and Jennifer was a wonderful teacher. I have zero regrets regarding this class. It was amazing.”
Jessi Herwig

"I really enjoyed the whole experience of the class and being about to learn from Jenn. Initially I had hoped to get into Summer's class first and then try for Jenn's. I missed a spot in Summer's and but was over the moon to get into Jenn's. Especially getting up at 2am in Australia to try and secure a seat! Even though at the time Summer was my first preference, I'm so glad I didn't get a place. Jenn's class is where I needed to be. My business would not progressed the way it will without Jenn's advice and encouragement. So thank you Jenn. I appreciate everything you have done and for letting us into your world."
Lauren McAdam

“I am a photographer who is comfortable with my skill set, but needed a lot of guidance with my pricing, marketing, and overall business practice.  Basically I needed some motivation and that is exactly what I got.  I could tell Jenn really had an interest in making my business better and her no nonsense, straight forward approach to teaching really gave me a solid foundation to move forward.  This class was all I expected and more, I only wish it had been longer!  You can't go wrong with this class, it is well worth the time and money you will invest.”
Lyndsey G.

"Coming Home" with JTS has been a huge asset and learning tool. She is concise and efficient in her assessments. So thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course.”
Heather Mogish Persun-Ake

“Jennifer gave me such clear, straightforward and honest guidance and made me feel confident that I am on the right track with getting my business off the ground. She was so thorough going through all the elements of my business - from social media sites to my pricing to marketing. Her video lessons and feedback are great - they totally make the class personal, and I love her no-nonsense, tell-it-how-it-is personality! This class was exactly what I needed. Thank you Jenn!”
Francesca Russell

“Jenn's classes are always informative and she gently pushes you to the next level.  Her critiques are honest and get you thinking about your next steps.  I enjoyed the experience.  Coming Home was a new genre for me, and I loved the "storytelling" aspect of the photo shoot.”
Mary Jane Salopek

“Taking Jennifer's workshop was really eye opening. She so willingly shared her knowledge about the industry and at the same time extremely motivating. Before taking this class I honestly had no idea how to enter the business part of photography. Now, only 4 weeks later I have a clear plan. I'm looking forward to taking action and I'm sure my dreams will come true. Thank you Jennifer!”
Ute Reckhorn

“A great class to figure out the ins and outs of inhome photography sessions. Jen's wealth of knowledge is impressive and she shares so many great tips. She is also super funny and nice.”
Erin Coffey

“I LOVED this class! It was so amazing. The information was straight forward and for the most part immediately applicable to my business. It helped me shed so many fears regarding branding, and my vision for the work that I wish to pursue. If there is even an inkling in your mind that you would be interested - do it now. If you have fears or questions regarding your business ideas sign up this moment, you truly will be so happy you did. I am.”
Ashleigh Sayer-Frederick

“Even as a silent student, I got so much out of this class! I love the balance of learning concrete take-aways like marketing tactics, website ideas, pricing issues, etc but there was also a great deal of technical shooting tips, such as using light, composition and really storytelling through your images. But on top of that, there was a whole lot of "softer" information that was incredibly valuable, such as finding your voice, ignoring the noise of others and being true to yourself. I've taken a fair share of online classes and this was by far the most valuable. Jen's dedication to the class is unbelievable and elevates the experience quite a bit. Thank you for everything!”
Jen Frase

“Having completed this course, I'm now armed with so much knowledge about running my business. There is so much that I would have never even thought of. Jenn knows her stuff and knows exactly how to advise you - the feedback she provided me and my classmates has been and will continue to be so very valuable to me as I grow in my trade. I cannot wait to put it all into practice!”
Mindy Dunlap

“Coming Home came at a good time for me.  I have wanted to switch to in home documentary style family shoots and this was THE class to take for it.  I had to work hard and really think things through as I made my transition over to In Home sessions.  I feel like I have found my niche and this is what I want to be shooting for my business.  Jennifer was so throughout with all her feedback, she was there for us even though she had the flu and her daughter extremely ill, and she answered all of our questions big or small.  It gave me confidence that I could do this as a business and do it well.  Jennifer was respectful at all times.  She gave feedback that was constructive, but I never felt demeaned in anyway.  I loved her lesson videos and I felt like I was at a cafe somewhere and she was telling how it is.  I HIGHLY recommend this class if you are thinking of switching to the genre, worth every penny!”
Meredith Jensen

“Coming Home was beyond what I hoped for in a business workshop.  I'm a newbie to the photography business and have wanted to do in-home documentary photography since I stumbled upon Jenn's website one year ago.  This course has given me the confidence to do that.  Jenn holds back nothing with her information and advice.  Watching her video lessons, which were chock-full of great information, felt like having coffee with a colleague, and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion.  Feedback was thorough, personal and incredibly constructive.  Jenn went above and beyond to answer all questions in a timely manner (even in the midst of the flu bug hitting her and her daughter!).  I highly recommend Coming Home for anyone wanting to break into in-home photography, whether starting out like me or changing genres.”
Christine Wright

“I have been a family photographer for almost 6 years and the In Home photography work I have been seeing recently has really caught my eye. I am drawn to the personal touch each image has that a field covered in flowers or a park with pretty trees just can't provide. As a Mom myself of children that are just growing way too fast I was drawn to how easily I could place myself and my family into so many images of in home work I have seen. It makes me really nostalgic and I just knew I really wanted to provide that for my future clients. When I saw that Jennifer was offering a class completely focused on in home photography I knew it was the perfect time for me to dive in. Jennifer gave so many helpful tips, suggestions, and a fresh way to look at things with the business side of my work and how to help potential clients see the importance of this style of photography. I am completely thrilled with my experience and can't wait to keep applying what I learned into my own business. I also totally love Jennifer's down to earth approach and how real she is, it made it really easy to connect with her during the class. I loved this course so much that I am already signed up for her class "The Business of Photography" that starts just 3 weeks after the In Home class ended. I can't wait to see what the next class brings to the table. I know I am going to be pleased.”
Rebecca Beitzel

“Jenn was a thorough and super enthusiastic teacher. She gave great constructive criticism, but in such a kind way and openly shared her own experiences and setbacks. I've been in business for many years, but it was so helpful to have someone else, whose business advice I respect, take a look at my marketing and give me honest critique, to help me to change the way I present my business to the world in order to get the clients I'm looking for. By the end of class, I had already completely updated my website and was partnered with a local business. I highly recommend this class!”
Katie McMenamin

“Oh man.  Jenn's class was just what I needed at just the right time.  I've always struggled with the business part of my brain doesn't work well with business things.  There have been times that I've put my camera down and not wanted to go any further because I felt stuck with the business side.  Jenn has a way about her teaching that makes all your anxiety go away.  I kept finding myself sighing sighs of relief with every lesson things were starting to make sense, and it was no longer scary.  Jenn is honest and so very helpful.  She praises you when you need it and pushes you when you need it.  I've walked away from this class feeling more prepared for my business than I ever have and I really didn't think that would ever be possible.  If you are anxious about the business side or like me can't wrap your brain around all of the things that need to happen...take this class.  You will not regret it!”
Jane Howard

“I really enjoyed this class. There was more about the business side of things than I had thought, but it was a welcome addition and really something that I needed to hear/ get advice on. Jennifer really helped me to realize that I should be shooting what I love to shoot. I think I've been so willing to say yes to everything that comes my way because of money but at the end of the day I know what makes my heart sing. I appreciated that she gave us access to all of her documents like contracts, questionnaires, etc. She gave us awesome tips on client relations. Every lesson was informative and I feel like I learned A LOT. Now I have a giant to do list.
Great tips about apps to use and how to facilitate your responsibilities and maximize your use of your time. Thanks for sharing all of your expertise with us!”
Bianca Franco-Scherer

“I absolutely loved my experience with the Coming Home class.  As someone who has been photographing for a few years but had pretty much nothing set up to start a business, this allowed me to get things set up so much more efficiently and I know will help me in the long run by avoiding many common pitfalls that so many new photographers deal with.  It felt like I had a coach to help me make the tough decisions that were allowing me to procrastinate on actually starting.  Jenn is a wonderful and generous instructor.  She's funny and will give you real, honest advice but in a gentle way- like a good friend would.  She's full of great ideas that I would have never thought of on my own and as a result, I am feeling so much more confident and excited about finally starting my business.”
Tara Carroll