“Cultivating Connection is one of the best online classes I've taken, and I've participated in quite a few. Kyla is both down to earth and genuine, and more than willing to share her vast wealth of experience and her creative process. In the two weeks of class, I saw a big shift in how I approach my subjects. I appreciate how detailed Kyla is about the process of creating connection. Her sense of humor made the class a lot of fun! I can't say enough about it!” - Catherine Hales

“Feeling like my photos were lacking something, this was the class I was looking for without even knowing. I had my first aha moment within the first couple of days of practicing the lessons that Kyla gave us. Her realness and honestly was a breath of fresh air that our world needs more of.” - Carolyn Qually

“Kyla is an open book and takes the time to walk you through her entire process of how she cultivates connection in her personal and client work. In particular, I liked the questions she shared for critiquing my own images to help me figure out how I can work towards telling a better story with my images. I also felt that she did a good job of giving actionable tips for helping our clients settle into their most natural selves. I've shot a few sessions since taking the course and already I can see how her input is impacting the images I am making.” - Ellen Shaw