"I’m so grateful I finally made it into this class. It was such an eye-opening experience. I lacked the vocabulary to be able to express what colours I felt represented me as an artist and the technical skill to be able to achieve exactly what I had in my mind's eye. This course certainly delivered. Roxanne was incredibly generous with her time and feedback and I felt very supported throughout the two weeks. I have left with what feels like a wealth of knowledge and a want to continue exploring colour as a way of expressing myself as an artist." - Marina Locke

"Editing for Artist's was an incredible class! Roxanne's knowledge of color theory and how to apply it to your own work was impeccable! The thought process behind everything made so much sense! I learned to really SEE my surroundings first and then Roxanne gives you the knowledge and tools to apply it in your post-processing. Coming from an art background myself this was a breath of fresh air to come back to the foundations of color and remember how to make them work for you. I now feel more confident in my editing than I ever have!" - Natalie Marotta

"The power of color leaves a deep and lasting impression on our imagery. The key to confident editing is understanding why color behaves the way it does. In this intensive you will gain insight on how color theory creates richness and depth, conveys mood, illuminates focal points and composition, and directly communicates your story.  Learn subtle color control through the mindset of a painter, working with the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) panel as your palette.  Utilize color theory in LIGHTROOM to correct color casts, analyze color relationships, and separate colors for more sensitive and dynamic color range in your work.  Perfect the "Art of Seeing" through deep self-critique to push your own personal boundaries and confidence with editing.  Finally, embrace a no-short-cut approach to editing - one that will bring greater understanding of every image as a singular work of art.  Be prepared to take risks, try different approaches, and bravely reinvent color in new ways." - Aimee McNamee

"When I learned that Roxanne was teaching color theory, I didn’t hesitate to inquire about openings in her workshop. For so long I’d admired her art, her composition, and especially how she achieved rich, deep tones in her processing…. not only her COLOR work, but her dimensional BLACK and WHITES. Maybe even especially her black and whites. I learned of her work through Deb Schwedhelm and was amazed she achieved her style through hand editing using subtle, but impactive color theory. True tones, curve adjustments, split toning….some of the things which I admittingly ignored in my Lightroom workflow. I relied mostly on presets and ‘tweaking’ them, seeing them as a starting point of where I wanted to be, not knowing how they really worked in the space using HSL. Even still, I did not know how to use them to their maximum benefit! Since taking the workshop and being part of the supportive and helpful alumni group, I feel like I have more than a second pair of eyes on my editing if I’m ever feeling ‘stuck’ with an image, how cool is that?? Moving forward after class, I’m beginning to use colors in a way I hadn’t seen before. Not only while shooting, but in the way I compose and pre-visualize, this alone is so exciting for me. Roxanne is fully present, encouraging, and offers CC to where you need to adjust, first by prompting the RIGHT questions so that you do see it yourself first without just telling you, which for me helped me to learn on my own with guidance so that I know how it’s done. Learning by doing and not just being told how. The freedom to create your own editing style in both color and black and white brings you into your art. I will still continue to use a few presets now and then, but knowing how to control what I need to control and when while using them is another HUGE advantage. No one can replicate that! I can’t recommend this workshop and thank Roxanne enough for sharing her talent. I can’t wait to take this again as an alumni in the fall!" - Holly Donovan

“In this world seemingly full of workshops and opportunities to learn -- the decision of choosing a class to put one’s energy and time feels somewhat risky. I began running into mentions of Roxanne and Editing for Artists among a group of photographers whose work I greatly respect. I decided to check it out and was lucky to snag a seat. I am not an easy student. When I choose to take a class I am all in and ask and expect a lot of my instructor. Roxanne exceeded expectation.  She’s present, she’s attentive, and yet, she knows when to hold back and let you find the answers on your own. That in itself is a talent. Having the presence of such a soul in my life may have been enough, yet the curriculum of Editing for Artists filled so many gaps in my knowledge base. It provided technical skills and process where I previously bounced around looking for the right end result. It was freeing in that the insight gained in color theory allowed for increased confidence and permission of sorts to trust my instincts. The only thing I can imagine to make this class better would be the ability to lock oneself in a hotel room for the session and work without distraction! Thanks, Roxanne!” - Shannon Svensrud 

“Although a silent student, I received tremendous insight & practical tips through impact given to others. Roxanne was very gracious to communicate with me offline when I needed it, so I am completely satisfied. Roxanne is patient, truly an artist...guides to see things differently and capitalize on what we have to work with...often that is plenty if we could actually clear our own blinders to see it. Absolutely a class that should be taken by all!  It isn life changing.” - Sandra Reid

“What can I say about taking a class with Roxanne Bryant? Intense. Empowering. Transformative. As a photographer that creates mostly black and white images, I was quite weak in my use of color and wrote to Roxanne for help. I was intimidated to reach out to someone whose work i have been a long-time admirer of, but I am so thankful I found the courage to do so. Roxanne is a well known and incredibly talented artist but she is also a warm, down to earth person and a truly supportive, knowledgeable teacher. Rather than teaching you to apply her style to your images, she helps you dig deep into your own creative intentions and teaches skills that will put you in full control of achieving that in post processing. I enrolled in Roxanne's class hoping to improve my work in color but left instead with a solid education in color theory that enhanced my processing as a whole - leading to more polished monochromes as well as a voice in color that finally feels as powerful and true as my work in black and white. It is rare to meet someone as talented as Roxanne who is also extremely generous with their time and completely transparent with their artistic methodology. If you are considering taking this class, stop thinking and just do it. You will not be disappointed!” - Sarah Scott

“I majored in art history and photography at two different points in my life. I know you study Rembrandt for light, Sally Mann for intimate portraits, Hopper for haunting compositions. But, when reaching into the art world to find a teacher who is present, understands the craft of photography, and who can truly assist you in taking your own work to the next level I sought out Roxanne Bryant. Roxanne's work is mesmerizing, soulful, and so precise in color and emotion...I knew she was the teacher for me. Her teaching style will blow you away. She is intuitive to your needs and her communication style is available, open, and honest (not to mention she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet). I have been her student for two classes now and I love how she pushes you to take risks. She forces you to open yourself up to reevaluating what were perceived as failed images, and walks you through an editing process that culminates in achieving your initial vision. Her class showcases her knowledge of color theory, editing and composition and is perfect for any photographer looking to refresh and sharpen their skill set or push their own perceived creative limits. Since taking her classes I constantly ask myself, "what would Roxanne suggest" as I am about to push the shutter button or make a final edit. My work has blossomed and my style is more polished. That certain magic was missing in my photography, but thanks to her class it is now there. The education I got from Roxanne gave me the confidence to put all my fears aside and create the images that I knew I had the potential to craft. You will be greatly satisfied with her class but I promise you this, you can't get enough of her and will want to sign up again and again! She is one of the best and I am so grateful to have had her guidance twice over!” - Jen Lai

“Roxanne's color theory/editing class was more than I could have hoped for. She's a gifted artist and teacher and holds nothing back. Her generosity in time and patience did not go unnoticed...answering every question in detail, most times above what was asked. Each lesson was clear and easy to understand and built seamlessly upon the one before. I walked away with so much more control over my art...and with a much clearer vision when creating. I'm now able to claim the entire process from start to finish without the use of presets. I recommend this class to anyone craves growth.” - Anna Christine Larson

“I have to say that I wish I could turn back time and take Roxanne’s class as I was just starting out. It would have completely changed my photography journey and the images I was creating. The mistake I made as I started out was believing that a preset or action can just “finish” an image. For me, I needed to know why I was using a preset and also, how to edit from scratch properly.   I honestly think taking Roxanne’s class was the best investment I have made as an artist so far.  Through her I have been able to “see” color from an artist’s eye, and add layers of depth and beauty to my images, that before I was just blindly grasping in the dark to achieve.  I now understand why I would use a preset on an image, if I choose to, and how to enrich my image with color on my own without a preset.  It feels very freeing and I am so thankful to Roxanne for helping me get to that level with my art.  She has such a warm, open heart, and throughout our 2 weeks and beyond, she remains incredibly giving.  I just adore her and could not recommend taking this class more! I actually think it should be mandatory for all photographers!” - Melissa Lazuka

“I took Roxanne Bryant’s class after my first year of shooting in manual and my mind was blown by how much I learned! Roxanne’s work is inspirational and in class she is an open book. She freely shared her knowledge of art and photography and translated the magic behind her work into lessons, tips, and advice that I could immediately apply. She gives the most insightful and useful feedback, and in the most encouraging way. Since her class, a year ago, I see that making art with a camera starts with the exposure and the shot but doesn’t end there. I learned how to use Lightroom with subtlety and finesse to make my color work more purposeful and rich. The most valuable thing I took from Roxanne’s class was the importance of developing and then trusting my own eye - from skin tones to learning when and by how much to nudge each Lightroom color slider. Roxanne sees color like a painter and helped me use Lightroom like an artist’s palette. A year after her class, I am still making use of what I learned from Roxanne and still growing because of her gifts so readily and capably shared.” - Laura Visioni

“I have followed Roxanne's work for years and always wondered how she was able to bring such richness, beauty and emotion to her photos.  I jumped at the chance to learn from her!  The experience was utterly transformative.  Roxanne opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking through what makes images strong and how make a photograph truly shine.  It’s been a while since the class and her voice is so often in my head as I edit – directing me to think through where my eyes go, how to enhance, through color and other tools, what I see and am trying to express.  Roxanne's teaching style is both gentle and kind and yet firm enough to give me the push that I really wanted and needed.   The quality of her feedback was exceptional.  I felt like I was exposed to the heart and mind of a true artist and it changed me as a photographer. Thank you for your time and devotion to my learning, Roxanne – it’s hard to express how inspiring it was to experience your teaching abilities and get an intimate insight into your passion and talent for making art.” - Renee Jansen

“This class was perhaps the single most eye opening class I ever took! It's like seeing the world in a whole new way!! Roxanne is an extremely talented artist who teaches you the hows and whys of color so that you could apply it to your own style and create art. She is very involved in the class each day answering questions and encourages you to clarify and questions you may have. I would definitely encourage anyone to take this class, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced photographer.” - Faigy Vidal

“I have learned the hard way that just because someone is a great photographer, that doesn't mean they're a great teacher. A class is only going to be as good as the teacher is able to explain, communicate, and convey their ideas. I am happy to report that I am convinced Roxanne Bryant was BORN to be a teacher. Because of her understanding ways and intuitive sense of what her students need, this workshop has been the best I've ever taken. Roxanne will not just help you learn how to see color (although, be sure, she will indeed do that), but she will present you with the tools you need to grow as an artist. What a gift. 100% recommend this anybody!” - Chelsea Johnson

“I've admired Roxanne's work for a long time and have longed to be able to have more control on editing exactly how I wanted to.  I struggle making presets- even favorite presets look the way I want them to and knew this class could give me the tools I needed to take my work to the next level.  Roxanne did not disappoint.  These two weeks worked my brain in ways it hasn't been worked before and it was hard, even emotional work to train myself to see color in ways I had never even thought of before!  It was incredibly eye-opening and it pushed me.  Completing the class and continuing to use the concepts in my work that we practiced in class has given me so much more confidence- now having a much better idea how to achieve my vision in my work that I couldn't before.  Thank you Roxanne- this was such a lovely, supportive, positive experience and truly life-changing.” - Tara Carroll

”I have been in an editing rut for the past six months or so, which has made client work almost tortuous. I have always used presets and then would tweak them to my liking. But as I've grown in my skill and style, the tweaking often messed other things up that I didn't know how to fix in LR, leaving me frustrated with my end image. Her class taught me WHY certain images/colors stood out to me. And she taught me how to use LR to shift the focus to where I want it to be, not just where your eye goes naturally. I was surprised to see that my culling time has gone way down, and even though I'm hand editing most photos, it takes me about the same amount of time as it did before with presets + tweaking. I am so so happy with what I've learned from this class, and I highly recommend it to anyone using presets! I will never buy any again!” - Christina McLennan

"I took this class because another photographer I admired described it as a game changer. She was spot-on. Game. Changer. I'm editing in an entirely new way now, and feeling very empowered in my editing decisions." - Evangeline Dittman

“This class was a game changer for me. As someone who never took art classes in school, the initial few classes were mindblowing and mesmerizing. There was a lot to learn, but it was taught so well and was interesting and engaging. I feel like overall my photography changed way more in two weeks than I ever would have expected. For the first time, I realized and believed that the photos I was creating were actual art. Thanks Roxanne for such an amazing class!” - Delanie Player

 "I was on the brink of an editing identity crisis and almost caved and bought some presets and instead invested my time and money on this course. If you are on the verge of purchasing presets...don't do it, take this class instead!! Roxanne has this amazing personal artistic resume that is founded on sound artistic principles and formal art education, making this a true artistic college-level class you can't find anywhere else. Be prepared for this class to approach color theory in a way you haven't learned before and will leave you wanting more. Thank you, Roxanne, for sharing your knowledge with us." -Alexandra Honda

"Editing for Artists and Roxanne helped to open my eyes to the color stories I capture. The class introduced me to color theory and helped me to push to really tell the color story in my images. This was hands down one of the best classes I've taken." - Callie Carruth-Harpe

"This class went beyond my expectations. My images were immediately better. I've actually signed up as an alum so I can continue to practice. Love it!" - Rachel Hudgins

"Roxanne was absolutely amazing. I was blown away with the time, care and effort she puts into teaching this class. When she talks about seeing and creating art, it it’s just so special the way she makes it become about feelings and expression. It’s refreshing. I’ve gotten so much out of the two weeks of lessons, and feel as if though any photographer at any level, would benefit from the course." - Tara DeLaive

“I LOVED this class and cannot recommend it highly enough. Of the many classes I've taken over the years, I think this one has had the greatest impact on the work that I create. Roxanne is the perfect blend of artist and teacher - she knows how to translate concepts and ideas into content that is easy to digest and that is actionable for her students. As someone who never took art classes, learning about color theory opened my eyes to see the world in a new way and to better appreciate my own style and what I am drawn to. One added benefit was a new understanding of how to achieve WB more cleanly out of camera, which has been a tremendous help to me (I now shoot in Kelvin and it has made a huge impact on my photos straight out of camera). On the editing side - while I was already comfortable in LR and PS - I am now able to more intentionally and thoughtfully edit my photos to achieve a richness, depth and tone that wasn't there before. I finally am achieving the level of processing that I felt I could never quite figure out or achieve in the past.” Melissa Schulze

“I was a preset user before this class, but Roxanne's knowledge on color I now hand edit 100% of my work and feel amazing about taking control of my art from start to finish. I highly recommend this to anyone whose looking to ditch presets but don't know where to start.” Marley Clark