Embracing Your Inner Artist

with Deb Schwedhelm

NEXT CLASS: NEXT SESSION 11/3/20 TO 11/23/20

Class Overview:

I am so grateful to now be in my 11th year of my photography career. During this time, I nurtured and grew a successful portraiture business and made an award-winning transition into fine art photography. I have also had the incredible opportunity to teach and mentor hundreds of students along the way. 

Recognizing and embracing the artistry in your photography is what will eventually separate your work from the work of other photographers – it is what will make your photographs special, compelling and uniquely yours. In this course, Embracing Your Inner Artist, students will will begin to explore the relationship with their individual creativity and artistry more deeply. Students will reflect and critically think about their photography and who they are as an artist. Throughout this three-week course, I will encourage you to dig deep within yourself through daily lessons and discussions, along with weekly assignments. I will share personal examples, successes, failures and inspirations. This class is a structured to be highly interactive so please come ready to share, with an open mind and heart.

What you will learn:

  • about finding and embracing your unique style

  • about inspiration and the role it plays in your photography

  • about pre visualization and storytelling

  • ways to nurture creativity

  • discuss purpose as a photographer and role as an artist

  • explore what makes for strong photographs

  • explore photographing with vision and intent

  • about concepts that make a strong online portfolio

  • about taking your portfolio to the next level

  • about getting your work out there

  • about what makes a great photographer

  • the importance of facing your fears and embracing critique

Class Mechanics:

This three week online interactive workshop will include: 

  • 12 formal lessons providing instruction and examples of discussed concepts

  • daily interaction from me, leading discussions and answering questions regarding the material presented

  • video lessons that will accompany some of the written material

  • weekly assignments with individual feedback from me

  • an intimate look into Deb’s photography style and journey

  • a digital PDF delivered at the conclusion of the course, which includes all core lessons presented

  • silent students will be provided a special section in the classroom, where they can share assignments and interact with one another

  • one randomly selected (volunteer) student will receive a live portfolio review that will be shared with the class

  • an informal live Q&A with the opportunity to virtually chat, interact and ask questions (silent students can submit one written question)

  • all students will be added to a very active and inspiring private Facebook workshop group at the conclusion of the course

Student Reviews:

"I went into Deb's course burned-out and apathetic towards photography. It had completely lost its luster for me and I desperately wanted it back. I got it, and then some.  Deb is a phenomenal instructor- truly inspiring. She helped to open my eyes that have been essentially closed for years."
Jessica Murphy

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


This class is for photographers who have a solid understanding of technique and are ready to explore their personal artistry with their photography.  Students should be photographing in aperture-priority or manual mode.


Active Seat $325 | Silent Seat $250 | Alumni $150


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