Inside The Frame

developing your eye for effective composition

with Rebecca Conway

Class Overview:

Challenge your eye and mind to explore the fundamentals of arranging elements and their relationship to one another to create inspiring, dynamic compositions in your photographs. 

Inside The Frame will take a detailed look at many of the basic rules of composition to further your understanding of not only how, but why they work. You will be introduced to various techniques and creative concepts to discover new ways to improve visual interest and impact within your images. 

We all see the world differently and have our own story to tell. This class will give you the insight to observe, identify elements and frame each image with intent to convey your most compelling artistic vision.

What You Will Learn:

  • how visual, technical or emotional factors initiate our images

  • learn how the psychology of visual perception influences composition

  • explore the how and why of rule of thirds, orientation and aspect ratio

  • learn why perspective is the most powerful component in framing your image

  • how to create layers and dimension for visual interest

  • finding lines and using them as a building block for strong composition

  • simplifying your image to define your vision

  • expand your knowledge of geometry, balance and figure to ground relationships

  • how to use color theory to create bold visual impact

  • learn the importance of previsualization and shooting with intent

Class Mechanics:

  • This 3-week interactive class will include:

  • daily lessons, photo examples and material covering various techniques and concepts

  • 3 weekly assignments with detailed feedback for each active student

  • multiple practice exercises with feedback to inspire and challenge students to shoot daily

  • designated sections for both active and silent students to discuss lessons and share exercises

  • daily interaction from myself - leading group discussions and answering questions

  • 2 live question & answer sessions at the end of week 2 and 3 - both active and silent student participation

  • a PDF of written material for all participants at the conclusion

Student Reviews:

“Inside the Frame was a perfect class for me. I've been in business for seven years and taken many online classes. I consider Inside the Frame one of the best ones I've taken. It was well worth the investment. The difference with Rebecca's Inside the Frame class is that it went beyond basics. We delved into concepts of composition that went far beyond the rule of thirds. Rebecca was also detailed in her explanations and feedback. I was given more tools to really push myself in my work and to be more thoughtful in composing. I wouldn't hesitate to take this class again!”
Callie Carruth-Harper

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Although good composition can be framed by any level of photographer with any type of camera, I do recommend that students have a DSLR and knowledge of manual exposure to efficiently work through all the lessons and assignments.


Active Seat $300  |  Silent Seat $225

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