"Inside the Frame is a great way to really push yourself to do more than just take a photograph. By understanding the rules and theories behind composition, you are able to create a much stronger image. Rebecca has a gift for teaching and this course is truly worth the investment." -Karen Koenig

"I've always had a weakness in composition, so I was super excited to take part in Rebecca's class. Three weeks later, I have a deeper understanding of both basic and more complex compositional techniques, and, more importantly, her class has changed the way I approach taking a photograph. The class was a great mix of helpful information solidified by exercises and daily interaction, plus insight into how Rebecca approaches composition in her work." -Carissa DeAngelis

"I had never studied composition before this class, I had an idea of what some of the rules were but really only shot through intuition. This class gave me the tools to be more conscious of my surrounding when I shoot and also to be able to look at my work and see what works and doesn't. Rebecca is a wonderful teacher, she was open, insightful and very helpful. Learning about how she works and having a glimpse into how she sees is invaluable. Now I just need to practice, practice practice!" -Celina Bailey

"I've been a long-time admirer of Rebecca's work and was so excited for the opportunity to take a workshop with her. This class did not disappoint. The materials and assignments were challenging and thought provoking and encouraged new ways to compose images beyond the rule of thirds. The best part of the workshop was Rebecca's thorough feedback. She had a wonderful way of explaining what worked and why it worked and also gave great suggestions for improvement. I loved getting a glimpse into her thought process." -Laura Mood

“Inside the Frame was a perfect class for me. I've been in business for seven years and taken many online classes. I consider Inside the Frame one of the best ones I've taken. It was well worth the investment. The difference with Rebecca's Inside the Frame class is that it went beyond basics. We delved into concepts of composition that went far beyond the rule of thirds. Rebecca was also detailed in her explanations and feedback. I was given more tools to really push myself in my work and to be more thoughtful in composing. I wouldn't hesitate to take this class again!” -Callie Carruth-Harper

“Rebecca Conway's workshop, Inside the Frame, changed the way I see composition. With so much thought provoking information, she literally had me composing images in my dreams. Thank you Rebecca!” -Karen Sirmenis

“It'll be difficult to look at photography the same way after taking Inside the Frame.  It really forces you to move outside your comfort zone and think of new, innovative ways to shoot.  Rebecca stresses the importance of pre-visualizing before you take the photo and be mindful of all the elements in the frame since they affect the message of the photo.  This is often lost on photographers who are rushing to get the best shot, but the best ones often come with planning.” -Julie Bishop

“I found Inside the Frame to be a terrific class.  Even though I have taken compositional classes before and have been shooting for several years, I had more than one "aha" moments.  I always judge a class by whether I learned something new that will elevate my work.  This certainly happened in Rebecca's class.  She provided so many wonderful tools and also had me looking at my own past work in a new light.  I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their images.” -Melissa McCann

“Rebecca Conway's class "Inside the Frame" was an eye-opening experience for me. I had never given a lot of thought to the ideas of composition and framing (usually just went with my gut), but I loved Rebecca's work so I signed up. I had superficial knowledge of some topics, such as aspect ratio, orientation and the rule of thirds, but the class gave me a richer understanding of these and helped me see my own work in a new light. Many other concepts I had no familiarity with but found very useful, such as figure to ground relationship and color theory. Rebecca provided helpful critiques and videos throughout. I highly recommend this class.” -Susan Hayes

“This class is what I had hoped it would be and a LOT of dots really connected for me. If anything a better understanding of elements within a frame and how to be intentional in the elements that make a picture work.I feel i have a better understanding of the tools and concepts of design to start making better pictures.  I now find myself thinking through an image before pressing the shutter which is an invaluable tool in creating and growing as an artist.” -Rebecca Rottcher