Lindsey Bertstrom

Lindsey Bergstrom


Hello everyone. I'm Lindsey and am a documentary photographer living in Colorado. For as long as I can remember, photography has been a part of my life. As a teenager, I worked in a black and white basement darkroom in Wyoming, surrounded by saddles and horse tack.  During college I worked at the Smithsonian where I photographed everything from Pennsylvania Dutch gravesites to Edward Curtis prints.  I eventually moved to the UK and spent the next year completing my Master’s in Documentary Photography.  During that time I photographed military spouses, World War II veterans, rural motherhood, and Welsh shepherds.  

As a documentary photographer, I have traveled across the prairies of Wyoming, stood on tarmacs with military wives, driven up Welsh mountainsides to wrangle lost sheep, and held the hands of some of the last Welsh World War II veterans.  Each time, every story, each image was made in an effort to tell and preserve a treasured story and life history.  Now, as life has shifted, I have spent the last few years focusing on my own treasured story and photographing my three kids. 

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