"This was a really thought provoking class, and I enjoyed looking at other artists, and reflecting on my own work." -Sophie Booth

“I absolutely loved this class. Lindsey transformed by thinking about portraits, it truly was revolutionary. It totally deepened and expanded my understanding of portraits as art... with purpose and intention... and the ability to capture and communicate relationship and emotion.. and much more of the essence of a person or memory than just a cute or beautiful image. I am truly grateful for this class.” - Juliet Biagi

“I really enjoyed learning from Lindsey! She is a very engaging and thoughtful instructor, and I found her editing videos to be tremendously helpful. Her work is gorgeous and I loved hearing a bit more about her thought processes and inspiration.” - Sarah Keene

“I love how Lindsey teaches her students the history of portrait making and brings it to present time. You will clearly be able to see which work you find yourself drawn to during the class and feel excitement as you move forward when making your own portraits. Lindsey is very present during class time which is what I surely look for when signing up for a class. - Candy Kempsey

“I have taken both of Lindsey's classes and I both were worthwhile, wonderful experiences. If there is ever an alumni option for Portrait Revolution I would be the first in line. Now that the course is complete I am going to review the material again because there is so much! The class is thoughtful and pushes students to look at portrait photography from new perspectives. I enjoyed the depth of information from a historical perspective and also studying the work of many other photographers. This class and Lindsey's voice were a blessing that ignited my desire to pick up my camera again!” - Heather Banks

“Thanks to Lindsay for this amazing class! I wasn't quick enough to snap up an Active seat, and fully intended to be an 'active' Silent student, which unfortunately didn't eventuate due to being super-buy here! I did just manage to follow-along with the course and, without participating, still got so much out of it. I had been thinking something was missing with my photography and narrowed it down to connection. I was looking for course etc on connection, but came across this and thought it would be great to learn how to take a nice portrait, not expecting that I would get such a fantastic insight into the connection, relationships, and authenticity that I wanted in my photos! Its school summer holidays here in a couple more weeks and I can't wait to practise the techniques and ideas I have learnt from this class. Thank you so much Lindsay. This course has been prefect for where I am right now and where I want to go. Absolutely loved it!” - Tania White

“I just finished the fall run of Portrait Revolution and I really loved it. Lindsey was a wonderful instructor, very thoughtful and engaged with the class, and quick to respond to comments and answer questions.. Her critiques are thorough, helpful and honest. The lessons have introduced me to new techniques for shooting portraits, inspiring new artists to learn from that I hadn't encountered before, and a new way of approaching portraits that I think will inspire more meaningful and authentic work. I know that I will refer to the material again and again and I can't wait to keep practicing the concepts.” - Melanie Crawford