rewind 2.0

sometimes to move forward, we first must rewind

with Jennifer Tonetti Spellman


Class Overview:

3 years ago I wrote an article called Get Out of Your Own Way.  That article sparked an intense reaction from many photographers who felt it spoke directly to them, their fear of failure and what crippled them creatively.  The response was so moving I felt compelled to create a class called Rewind.  Rewind urged students to take the necessary time to work on themselves, to address insecurities and target what they needed to do to move forward on their personal creative path.

I've revamped this class based on the feedback from 'rewinders' over the past 3 years and have turned it into an intense 3 weeks of reflection, growth and action plans to get yourself out of the rut and fall in love with photography all over again. 

It's time for Rewind 2.0.

What You Will Learn:

  • how to kick insecurity to the curb: air out and expose the insecurities that have been holding you back, creating self doubt and paralyzing your ability to move forward

  • figuring out your true creative voice and then how you can be hired for it and/or acknowledged in the industry for your style

  • how to define YOUR definition of success as success means different things to different people

  • embracing failure as a necessary step to grow and learn

  • dealing with the social media monster and finding ways to tame the beast that creates massive holes of doubt in us all

Class Mechanics:

This three week online interactive workshop will include:

  • a video lesson to go along with the lesson of the week

  • daily interaction from me initiating discussions and answering questions about the materials presented

  • individual feedback from me on all weekly assignments delivered via video

  • a PDF with all the lessons presented at the end of class

  • note: there will be absolute confidentiality in this class and there will not be silent students sitting in observing what we discuss

Student Reviews:

To see testimonials from past students go HERE.


An open mind and an honest heart. I recommend you also having a journal and a pen as there is a lot of soul searching and reflecting that will happen and you will want to return to it well after class is complete.


Active seat $300 | Silent Seat n/a {due to the personal nature of this class, there will be no silent seats offered}

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