“This class was a good surprise, and it came in a moment I really needed. For the past few months I was losing my focus on photography (as I have this new passion/career that was recently born), feeling guilty about it and not really knowing how to get my energy back. During this 3-week class I could talk and think about it, have constant feedback from Jenn, learn how to let things flow, and, what I didn't expect, my passion for photography came back. It was also super important to share with my classmates and learn from their experiences.” -Julia Moreira

“This is now my second class with Jenn.  I first took Coming Home, which was excellent. Rewind 2.0 was different.  I appreciate the fact that there were only 10 students.  I felt like I made more of a connection with Jenn and a little bit more of her time with a better student/teacher ratio.  It needed to be that way given the content. Rewind lived up to its name.  Jenn has not only helped me hurdle and accomplish some business-related things I had on the back burner, but she has also gotten me back to focusing on what is truly important, clearing out the clutter.  It's a journey that continues after this class ends, but I have words to carry me through and look back on. Thank you, Jenn. I appreciate all of it.” -Nicole Graziano

“Jennifer's Rewind 2.0 class goes beyond any photography or business class I've ever taken. This class allowed me to really dig into who I am and what I've allowed to hold me back both from the past and the present. The small class size allows it to feel intimate and personal, which is perfect given the subject matter. Jen offers such wonderful insight and a fresh perspective on the struggles and insecurities that we all face as artists. She helps dust off some of the hidden creativity that we've allowed to get boxed up, and put on a shelf for a variety of reasons. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and everyone. I left the class feeling more secure and focused. So glad I invested in Rewind 2.0. It has helped me both professionally and personally. Thank you Jennifer!” -Jennifer Smith

“This course was so eye-opening to me and helped me to truly take a look at the type of images my heart and my gut had been telling me were beautiful and forget what I thought my audience was telling me. And in the end, when we are creating images that we are most proud of personally, it truly connects to our audience in a much more personal way. My fears are only failures when they're left uncharted and I feel much more secure to carry on and ignore my fears after this course!” -Amy Melquist

“Taking Jenn’s rewind class was the best decision I have made when it comes to my photography. She is so real with everyone in such a gentle way. Her words were so positive and encouraging and you can tell she cared about each and every student. Jenn’s tips and kind words will always speak to me in moments of doubt or insecurity. This class has made me want to be a better photographer and just focus on me. I couldn’t thank you enough jenn! And not to mention..everyone in the class is awesome! Everyone is in the same boat with their insecurities and trying to better themselves as photographers. If you’re on the border on whether or not you should take this class..I’m going to go ahead and say just do it! This class is an instant inspiration and there’s no way you’ll be disappointed!” -Renee 

“REWIND has been an absolute delight. Jenn is the most supportive, motivating, encouraging and “stop-the-noise-of-your-mind-that’s-distracting-you-from-starting-working” teacher we could have, and I really think there will be a before and an after in my career as a photographer now that I took this class. I really needed to silence all the fears that were crippling me, and now I feel, thanks to this course, I’m on the road again.” -Monica

“Pre-REWIND and the fabulous, pull-no-punches Jennifer, there was a lot of noise in my head related to my photography journey, and while it hasn’t completely ceased, it has dramatically reduced. It has quieted enough to allow me to see things as they are, to start facing my fears, and to start moving forward on the path I WANT to be on, and not one that I think I should be on. I’m allowing the creativity within to have a voice, and for once, I’m actually listening. What’s one example of the impact this class has had on me? I’m sitting in my kids’ art room on a Friday night, following where my ideas lead: mapping out what would look like to most people a completely crazy, ridiculous, off-the-wall idea(s), and for once, believing that I have the ability to pull it off. Perhaps not in all the aspects I envision at the moment, but that doesn’t matter. Four weeks ago I wouldn’t have even tried thinking beyond the “silly” idea. Tonight, I’m formulating a plan to make it happen. REWIND is a game-changer, not only in your journey as a photographer, but also in your journey of life.” -Josune

“Rewind came at the perfect time for me, but then I suspect whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, or some combination thereof, there could be no bad time to take this class. Thought it was ‘just me’, but apparently it’s a common enough affliction to feel insecure about your work, your vision, your path. Jenn addresses this phenomenon in a direct and, most importantly, effective way. Her encouraging but frank manner were both refreshing and liberating. It’s not hyperbole when I say that for me, this was an eye-opening and life-changing class and I can’t thank her enough for her hard work and generous spirit. I came, I saw, and I conquered…(or at the very least, I am conquering and that’s no small change in direction!)” -Sonja

“As much as this is a participation class, Rewind is all about you. It is a very personal and psychological experience. It will, and should be, different for everyone since we are all on different paths and all took different ones to get here. However you are feeling, this class can be a tool for wading through the murk while gaining insight and perspective along the way. Jennifer will provide you with the questions you need to ask yourself to get real, block out the noise and unfreeze your feet so you can keep moving forward. Think of it as a friendly and inspirational kick in the pants. But like anything, the onus is on you to make the most of it.” -Erin

“These weeks of Rewind have been fabulous. It’s not your typical class about photography. I have not learned anything related to photography from a technical or composition standpoint, but I have learned a lot about myself. I was doubting myself and my work before taking this class, and now, I am more self-confident, I know what I want, why I take the pictures I take and I don’t care about opinions.  Who cares about people think about my work? And about what they do? Jenn is the best in this class. She is very involved, she encourages a lot, and she has guided me in the best way possible.” -Amanda

“This class has taught me so much. It’s taught me to believe in myself again. It’s made me remember why I loved photography in the first place. I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not angry anymore. I’m so excited to be moving on to bigger and better things.” -Mary

“If you are on the fence about whether or not to take this class, DO NOT HESITATE. I’m so thankful that I signed up for this class. I learned so much from Jennifer and the other classmates. Truly a safe, judgement-free zone and such a wealth of information. Taking this class with Jenn changed my photography forever, and cut out all the “noise.” I now know what works for me, what was getting in my way, and where I want to go from here.” -Sara

“This class has been a great experience and a revelation. My photography journey has been nothing short of a disaster and unorganized. I’ve prevented moving forward on behalf of others opinions. Picked myself back up, however, struggled, rushed art and created unhealthy habits and became totally disorganized. Rewind has defined my journey to art and photography and I am so grateful for this renewal.” -Celina

“I absolutely loved Jennifer’s class. It had me on an emotional rollercoaster ride that I desperately needed to take. Words like fear, failure and success have a whole new meaning and I feel confident now in my photographic journey. I can see much more clearly and I’m looking forward to all that the future holds for me. Jennifer is a devoted and amazing teacher, her passion and love is spread across her pdf’s and the forum, her feedback is honest and heartfelt.” -Heathe