Seriously Social

Hey! I'm Rowe, a natural light portrait & commercial photographer. My life-long love affair with photography began in high school as soon as I picked up a camera. I have been a professional photographer for most of my adult life. My other passion is social media. I manage social media accounts for a variety of businesses and love being a voice for those brands.

I have taught photography and social media, online and in person to well over 200 students. I love teaching so I am super excited to be here!

A little bit about me. I’m a wife to Danny and mumma to Audrey Lu. In 2013 I packed up our life in Australia and moved to Bali for a year-long family adventure. I quickly fell in love with island life and the Balinese people so four years later, we are still here.

I like to imagine I was a singer or a dancer in a past life, even though I have zero abilities in those areas in real life! I’m addicted to chocolate and sushi. When I am not working, you will find me eating at the newest cafe in our hood and dreaming up our next travel adventure.

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