Seriously Social

demystifying all things social media

with Rowe TImson


Class Overview:

Most people have a love hate relationship with social media. On one hand, we love to connect with friends and like-minded people. It makes us feel good! On the other, it’s a huge time suck and although we hope our social media channels will generate income, we rarely see those connections convert to real clients and sales. What I know for sure is, social media is an imperative part of owning and running a small business in today's world, so we need to learn how to get the most out of the time we invest online.

For the last few years I have been managing small businesses social media accounts in a variety of industries such as fashion for an online clothing brand, a camera bag company, a jewellery store, a graphic designer, a surf store, an app development company and more.  Prior to that, I worked as a full-time photographer for many years, first shooting fashion on film and medium format cameras and later moving to digital, shooting portraits and commercial kids for clothing brands and editorials for magazines. I know the industry incredibly well. I managed to keep myself busy with a steady stream of clients even though I did not have a website where potential clients could view a portfolio of my work. I often wondered how that was even possible? The answer is simply, the power of word of mouth marketing and social media!

I love everything about social media and I am super excited to be teaching this class and sharing everything I have learned with you! This course is all about working smarter, creating a strategy and making use of the tools available to implement that strategy in the most efficient way for optimal growth. It doesn’t have to be difficult and overwhelming. It’s going to be fun.


What You Will Learn:

  • define your audience and learn how best to reach them

  • learn how to create a strong, consistent brand presence

  • this course will predominantly focus on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

  • how to choose the best platform for your business and optimise your social media profiles

  • tips and tricks to increase followers and engagement

  • algorithms explained

  • advertising 101

  • how to drive traffic to your website and grow your newsletter subscriber list

  • how to streamline your day and be more productive using scheduling applications and tools


Class Mechanics:

This three week online interactive class will include:

  • daily lessons in written form

  • video lessons will accompany some of the written content

  • daily discussions with me, answering your questions regarding the material shared and giving you feedback

  • weekly assignments with personalized feedback from me

  • additional homework to help you grasp new concepts and work with new tools

  • a live Q&A chat with myself and the class members

  • silent students will be given their own section of the classroom to share their assignments and interact with each other

  • at the conclusion of the course, students will receive a PDF including all the core content taught during the course

  • an invitation to a private Facebook group once the course has ended so you can stay connected and support one other

Student Reviews:

"I'm a complete novice in social media (aside my personal FB page) and as I'm getting more serious about my photography, I wanted to learn how to manage it. Rowe's class was more than I had hoped for, it gave me the insights to different applications and platforms and opened my mind to aspects I had not even considered. She was beyond committed in this class, really taking into account each student and their needs; her information was accurate and up to date. I can warmly recommend this class."
Merja Varkemaa

To read more reviews from past students go HERE


Ideally students will have social media accounts set up and have shared posts in the past with a basic knowledge of the platforms mentioned.


Active $300 |  Silent $200 | Alumni $150


Please message me with any questions or for an alumni sign up link.

To learn more about the different types of seats offered, go to our FAQ section. Alumni Student? We’d love to have you back. Email Rowe and she’ll send you a link!