"I thought I had my social media shit mostly together, but knew that I had more to learn. What I didn't realize is HOW MUCH I had to learn from Rowe's class. From day one, I was blown away by all the information that Rowe was presenting. Of course, I very quickly realized that I did NOT have my social media presence together and all the work I had to do, under the incredible guidance of Rowe's tutelage. So lesson by lesson, I worked, improving my Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest presence. Seriously Social reinforced that to be successful in social media, one must be organized, active, authentic, and engaged. There really is a method to the madness. I had been a longtime user of Pinterest, but I was using it for fun. I have had so many boards over the years, but I hadn't realized that I could actually use Pinterest to my advantage. Yes, I could still pin things that I love, but I could also create boards that would assist in marketing my photography endeavors. So I cleaned existing boards up and created new boards. I also got back to being regular active on Pinterest. Who knew that Pinterest could be such a strong force?! I can't thank Rowe enough for her time and guidance. She goes above and beyond to ensure that each student is taken care of, which is not an easy task in a social media class. I'm forever grateful for this class and the push that it has given me to be better." - Deb Schwedhelm

"I have a love/hate relationship with social media. After taking Rowe's class my eyes have been opened to all the possibilities that social media has to offer. I was introduced to new and better ways to make my time on social media more intentional and manageable. Rowe is a wealth of knowledge and her enthusiasm for her class is evident. I appreciate her ethical ways of growing on social media. I know I will continue to come back to this class and apply what I have learned and what I will continue to learn as I go back through the lessons. I can say hands-down that I am more confident and now have the tools to move forward. Thanks, Rowe!" - Myra Kushon 

"Rowe is such a great and thoughtful teacher. She always answered all my questions, gave really helpful feedback. For me being quite a social media novice, Seriously Social answered so many questions on the business side of each platform. I was also introduced to many apps and websites to help me streamline the business side of my social media and how to integrate social media into my new business. I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in adding value to their business via their social media platforms." - Minna Cleggett

"This class was amazing! So full of information, I'll definitely be pouring back over it the next several months. Rowe was so kind with her time, so generous in the amount of information that she provided and so thorough in answering questions. Especially with a class like this, the information is so time sensitive and evolving. She made me feel like even though this is all so new to me, and there's so much information, that I could still do it! I love her positive attitude. And I really believe what she taught me is going to change my life!" - Jenny Parker

"I had an amazing experience in the seriously social class. I joined the class because Rowe had previously taken some gorgeous photographs for me. Rowe is in teaching social media as she is as a photographer talented, patient with a knack for making everything fun. Because Rowe had taken photographs for me I knew she had an amazing eye and her tips about how to make a great impact were so helpful. Most of the other participants were photographers but Rowe made thoughtful allowances for those of us who were not as savvy with image speak. I have actually done a number of social media classes and this one was one of the best. There was so much great information given that it was difficult to keep up at times but attempting to do so gave me the opportunity to rethink my entire business strategy. It was a truly wonderful course." -Rosie Tait

“I love Rowe so much, her information is incredibly useful, relatable and valuable. She’s also just fun to learn from and super personable which I think is an incredible thing to be able to say about an online teacher. But truly this class turned my Instagram account into an account that books clients now regularly. I think if you implement her assignments you’ll get the reward.” -Becca Brendler

"This is such a great class, so much information that is delivered in a consultative and kind way. Rowe has so much knowledge to share and she holds the space of the class in a way that makes learning easy and enjoyable." -Rose Punch

"Rowe provided so much useful information in this course and I feel so much better equipped to deal with my social media accounts! She also provided timely feedback and answers to questions so that you weren't stumped for too long trying to figure things out. I know my overall brand has improved as a result and I'm so glad I have access to the materials still to continue implementing all the great tips and feedback she provided!" - Delanie Player

"I'm a complete novice in social media (aside my personal FB page) and as I'm getting more serious about my photography, I wanted to learn how to manage it. Rowe's class was more than I had hoped for, it gave me the insights to different applications and platforms and opened my mind to aspects I had not even considered. She was beyond committed in this class, really taking into account each student and their needs; her information was accurate and up to date. I can warmly recommend this class." - Merja Varkemaa

"Seriously Social is an excellent class for those with fairly advanced competencies in multiple social medias looking to take their branding and social media to the next level. The information is fact packed and fast moving and an excellent resource for business owners focused on social media. Rowe is a warm and knowledgeable teacher." - Staci Schonbrun

"This class way exceeded my expectations. I thought I knew a fair amount about social media and I was just expecting to hone those skills. Rowe taught me so much more than I ever imagined. She is has such a wealth of knowledge and shares so much in such interesting and detailed ways. What a wonderful class!" - Louise Tee

"Rowe was so very thorough in covering all aspects of social media and marketing. She was able to access interviews with people out in the field with first-hand experience, which was invaluable. Her feedback was always quick, and she was constantly adding new bits in to the class in response to our questions." - Angela Skerman

“Rowe's knowledge of social media is amazing. Some things I knew before the class, but there were so many things I didn't know. I have increased my following on Instagram by 100 during/after the class. Now it is all on me to put the things I have learned in to action. I am also thankful for Rowe's continued engagement in our Facebook Alumni group. She is always present if you have questions. And I LOVE her continued encouragement to reach higher. She is just amazing. I highly recommend this workshop.” - Iris Nelson

“I loved Rowe's Seriously Social class. There was so much information to wrap my head around. She introduced so many things that I didn't even know I didn't know. She did a great job walking us through several different social media outlets and things that we can be doing to grow and increase engagement. I'm really looking forward to implementing this information. The assignments were very eye opening and very helpful. I definitely recommend this class!” - Destinee Blau

“I was amazed at how much attention and well thought out advice I was given throughout the course. I signed up hoping for a few tidbits that I could use - I ended up getting an entire blueprint for success. It was encouraging, packed with relevant information and motivating. It certainly has changed the way I’m preparing to market myself and my business.” - Andrea Seider

“f you want to be on your way to accomplishing your brand, marketing, and social media goals and visions, this course is for you. I gained so much confidence in using social media tools and platforms, having new apps on hand for editing and creating, and getting to know some really great social media influencers to follow and learn from going forward. This course provided loads of information, examples and experience straight from the field, and interviews with wonderful creatives and successful brands. We had great practice in our homework, and I really feel so much more equipped now for posting, scheduling my online posts, using excellent strategies, and connecting with other who are also in my audience and field. My audience engagement has visibly increased in the three weeks of taking this course, and it was directly due to suggestions from the instructor, Rowe. Her passion and enthusiasm shines through, as well as her expertise. Her impromptu videos were also amazing at helping demonstrate when we didn't understand something. She really helped me.” -Debra Franke

“Rowe is fun, encouraging, insightful & knows how to make a very complicated subject matter easier, integrated, & woven together into a comfortable fabric. WOW! This a life-changing experience & I highly recommend it to everyone, photographers & every area of business outside of that genre.” - Sandra Reid

 “Full stop guys, this class is AMAZING! This class exceeded all of my expectations as far as how much I would learn and how good and detailed the content would be. Rowe is really here to make a difference in your business and it shows. In 3 short weeks we covered so much ground and I now have a totally different outlook on what can and should be done with social media. Through the class I've laid the foundation for doing things really differently, I have a really good understanding of what needs to be done and a super detailed manual for how to work through each component. In full disclosure, this class is a lot of work, probably the most time investment of any of the classes I've taken at Illuminate, but that's why you get so much out. You need to clear the decks for 3 weeks, buckle down and work alongside Rowe to learn everything she has to teach you. The assignments are there to help you absorb the content and put it to use while she's there to guide you and answer your questions. I really can't say enough good things about it - just do it, you will be so glad that you did!” - Elizabeth Shakhnovich

“I loved this class! This is my second class as an active student at Illuminate and they have both been excellent! Rowe is upbeat and informational. I love that she conducts interviews with experts in each field that she covers. It really is unique and inspiring. I will be mulling over this class for quite some time - glad that it stays up for awhile! Thanks Rowe!!” - Betsy Taylor

“signed up for Seriously Social because I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the social media channels out there right now. Learning about each one, and deciding which made the most sense for me and my business, was key. Rowe teaches a streamlined way to make the process of creating content and engaging in social media way less time-consuming. It’s all in the planning and she shared the tools that set me up for success. This class is packed with valuable information. I went from social media paralysis to being excited about the content I plan to share – all in three weeks!” - Sally Ann Field

“This class had about 1000times the amount of information I was expecting to get. Prior to my starting the course, I was just aimlessly posting to social media and hoping for the best. The knowledge that Rowe has shared is now allowing me to work smarter by using the tools and insights that social media provides. My time spent on Social Media now has direction and a purpose! Thank you Rowe!” - Molly Garg

“Rowe is a great teacher - she really helped break down the scary Social Media beast for us into manageable chunks. Rowe is always available online and she answered all our questions on time and very thoroughly; her homework feedback was really valuable... I already incorprorated a few lessons learnt from this class and have seen improvement in my IG following/engagement! I cannot wait to implement all I've learnt during last three weeks. Thank you Rowe - you make social media a lot more fun than I thought it could be:)” - Lena Antaramian

“'Seriously Social' is an awesome class, filled with so much valuable content, and led by a wonderful teacher who is always active on the platform and available to answer any questions. I learned so much, and the best thing: I already implemented lots of things due to the little homework assignments we were given, which is great because at the end of the class you're not left with this huge list of things to do - you have already accomplished most of them!”- Nina Tantzen

“I was nervous coming in to this class because I knew the hesitation I felt towards all things social media was holding me back, but Rowe broke down every single aspect of the most important platforms so that we understood why we needed to use them and how we needed to use them. Rowe provided so much guidance throughout the class and was so helpful and timely with feedback and constructive notes. There was so much valuable information that I am still digesting it all! It has been several months since I took this class, and I continue to go back to lessons and resources from the course as I dive deeper into each of the platforms that help me engage with my customers. I feel so motivated and positive about the future of my business, and I couldn't be more thankful to Rowe and this class!!” - Kara Chappell