The Family Historian

 leaving behind a legacy of photographs and narratives infused with honesty and artistry  

with Heather Robinson 

NEXT SESSION: 1/13/20 to 2/2/20


Class Overview:

It is hard to let go, to slow down.  We live in a hectic world where we constantly zoom through our days.  We hurry our children too.  They resist as they try to live every moment to the fullest.  They linger in this happy state of wonder and joy that we call childhood.  This existence is momentary though.  Our physical time with them is minuscule, yet its effects are colossal.  You have the choice to quit skimming through this chapter of your life.  You can savor these moments before they slip away.  You can stop rushing them and instead take the time to soak up their elusive sweetness.  What’s more, you can take all of the sweetness, the wonder, the joy, and the magic that your children create and preserve it for a lifetime.  As a photographer and a parent, you have an amazing opportunity to create a legacy for your family.  No one knows the intricate details of your family’s story like you do.  With your camera, your words, and your love you can create the most precious gift for your family.  You can tell their story.  

In this three week online workshop, I will delve deep into my journey sharing all of the techniques I have learned over the years of daily documentation of my children in our home.  I will provide you with questions, knowledge and techniques to guide you as you begin to document your family with purpose.

What You Will Learn:

  • explore how photography affects the act of memory making

  • ways to shoot with intention so that you are only capturing that which matters most

  • an understanding of the many ways in which dramatic low lighting and creative compositions can set the stage for powerful storytelling

  • tips I use to photograph my children in unobtrusive ways while working to manipulate the light to combine it with the story

  • how to tell all the stories, good and not-so-good, to have an authentic family history

  • a brief overview of methods to help place not only yourself but the entire family in the frame (for an in-depth focus on self-portraiture, please consider my other workshop, The Magician’s Cape)

  • introspection and embracing vulnerability to help you find your true voice

  • instruction on how to write honest narratives to accompany your photographs

  • ways to stay motivated as you create your family legacy

  • how to make your legacy tangible through printing, framing and photo book making

Class Mechanics: 

This three week online workshop will include:

  • my daily availability to present materials, lead discussions, and answer questions

  • weekly assignments due each Sunday with feedback from me given to active and alumni students

  • several exercises to help reinforce the lessons

  • silent seats will be given a separate space to post discussions, exercises, assignments, etc

  • alumni seats (limited number of seats) will be allowed to submit assignments and receive individual feedback from me as well as ask questions and participate in group discussions with the active students.

  • upon class completion all students will be given a PDF containing the workshop content

  • access to a private Facebook group for all students to stay in touch and share their legacies after the workshop ends

  • an opportunity for all students to participate in the alumni monthly project, “The Dot to Dot Collective”

Student Reviews:

“Heather completely smashes the myth I sometimes tell myself that solely documenting my family limits my ability to make art. This class's daily materials and conversation inspired me to think about what I document, how and why. Heather is a relentless truth teller of all the beauty and reality of family life. As a teacher, she is thoughtful and gentle, yet called on her students to dig deep. The dialogue with liked minded photographers was filled with soul, candor and emotion. If you wish to think more deeply about how you are documenting your family, push your ability to create images infused with drama, emotion and heart and have your socks knocked off by all of Heathers beautiful work, this class is for you.”
Renee Jansen

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE


In order to take part in this workshop, you need to be comfortable shooting in manual mode with a DSLR.  Although it is not required, a wide angle lens is preferred for indoor low light shooting.  In addition, the ability to shoot daily for assignments will allow you to obtain the maximum benefits of this course.  All photographers, professionals and hobbyists are welcome.  However, the content of this workshop is geared towards those with children who are living at home and therefore readily available to photograph.   

**Please keep in mind that although this workshop does include many specific techniques, this goes beyond the “how to”.  Because we will dive deep into self exploration as we share intimate details and memories of our own childhoods while trying to create a more sincere retelling of our children’s childhood, this class has very strong emotional undertones.**


Active Seat $325  |  Silent Seat $200 |  Alumni Seat $150

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Dates of Next Class:

1/13/20 to 2/2/20


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