a revelatory look at motherhood through self-portraiture

with Heather Robinson 

Class Overview:

Rise and shine!  Wipe the sleep from your eyes.  I know you are tired.  I know this because I am tired too.  I am you.  You are me.  We are mothers.  As we know, a mother’s work is never done.  Even in sleep, we work.  We dream of our greatest works of art, our children.  And sometimes we lie awake at night unable to rest our weary minds.  Worry is a poor bed fellow.  Yet, we keep company with it because we love with such an intensity that we constantly want more.  We want more for our children.  We want to be more for them.  There is a desperate need to give our children all that we never had.  We share our love through bountiful acts of devotion.  Sometimes we are so busy carrying out the multiple roles of motherhood that we overlook one incredible role.  We forget to leave a trail for our children to follow should they become lost one day and need to find their way back home to us.  Every person’s story begins with mother.  

Of the many gifts for our children, one of the greatest is a legacy of photographs and words that are woven together in a family tapestry.  The problem that we face as we attempt to weave this masterpiece is the loss of our needle.  The needle carries the beautiful threads stitching together our tapestries.  When you go in search of your needle, you will come face to face with yourself.

In this two week online intensive workshop, I will teach you the techniques needed to add yourself to your family history using self-portraiture.  In order to step into the picture frame, you must first find your proper mind frame.   I will call upon you to show up for your children.  To give them more by showing them more.  Step out from behind your camera and join them as your family stories unfold.  So, wake up Mama, throw on your cape, and get to work.  Your children are waiting for you to make your magic.

What You Will Learn:

  • techniques to create self-portraits
  • methods to help place not only yourself but the entire family in the frame
  • ways to add your own artist’s touch to the self-portraits you create
  • guidelines to help you take more purposeful self-portraits that define who you are
  • how to photograph the realities of your days whether good or bad 
  • ways to become more comfortable in front of the camera
  • an understanding of the impact that excluding ourselves as mothers from the family photos has on our own family as well as society as a whole
  • guidelines to help you use your words and your images to tell your story
  • how to stay inspired and accountable so that the lessons learned during the workshop become lifelong habits

Class Mechanics: 

This two week online workshop will include:

  • my daily availability to present materials, lead discussions, and answer questions
  • weekly assignments with my thorough feedback given to active students
  • several exercises to help reinforce the lessons 
  • silent seats will be given a separate space to post discussions, exercises, and assignments
  • upon class completion all students will be given a PDF containing the workshop content
  • access to a private Facebook group for all students to stay in touch and inspired to continue placing themselves into their story with their families after the workshop ends  

Past Student Reviews:

"Heather's class felt like coming home in a way. It is one that can be taken independent of her first creation, The Family Historian, but for me it was a fantastic companion...sister-class my first exposure to family legacy making. I love her no-nonsense approach to opening the doors in our minds to the possibilities of what we might gain, as a family, from revealing motherhood in all its messy beauty. I loved the exploratory nature of the class. It was technical, yes, and I got very comfortable with my gear, which previously had been a stumbling block. But what's more it was an in depth view of motherhood with it's joys and pitfalls and a space to explore our own experiences and learn from others. She pushed us to get to the heart of what's been keeping us from an honest portrayal of ourselves and coached us, no coaxed us, into a soul searching artistic depth that many of us had never experienced. It was beautiful to be part of a space in which we all felt safe to express our fears, our failures and our love. She created an extremely supportive environment and I tackled some issues that have been holding me tight through visual and written work ... it felt amazing to get it out in front of me so I can look at it and then walk through it gracefully and artistically. Heather not only lead discussions but walked along side us in discovering new things about her art and her life. I feel like I have the tools to practice this art form and a group of people with whom to continue sharing. Her facebook group is very active and we're already geared up to follow up with some projects! She is candid, empathetic and a fantastic mentor."
Rachel WheelerTo read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


In order to take part in this workshop, you need to be comfortable shooting in manual mode with a DSLR.  Although it is not required, a wide angle lens is preferred for indoor natural light shooting.  In addition, the ability to shoot daily for exercises/assignments will allow you to obtain the maximum benefits of this course.  All photographers, professionals and hobbyists are welcome.  However, the content of this workshop is geared towards those with children who are living at home and therefore readily available to photograph.  Finally, because this course requires you to photograph yourself with frequency, a tripod and a wireless remote (preferably an intervalometer one) should be purchased prior to the start of class.  

**Please keep in mind that although this workshop does include many specific techniques, this goes beyond the “how to”.  Because we will dive deep into self exploration as we uncover any old as well as new hang-ups that are impeding our abilities to place ourselves in the family record, this class has very strong emotional undertones.**


Active seat $250 | Silent Seat $150

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