"I came into The Magician's Cape thinking it would be a photography class but it was much more than that. For me, it was about self-discovery, relationships, momming, and much more. Heather gives her heart and soul to this class and takes you on a beautiful two-week journey."
Amy White 

"Heather's class felt like coming home in a way. It is one that can be taken independent of her first creation, The Family Historian, but for me it was a fantastic companion...sister-class my first exposure to family legacy making. I love her no-nonsense approach to opening the doors in our minds to the possibilities of what we might gain, as a family, from revealing motherhood in all its messy beauty. I loved the exploratory nature of the class. It was technical, yes, and I got very comfortable with my gear, which previously had been a stumbling block. But what's more it was an in depth view of motherhood with it's joys and pitfalls and a space to explore our own experiences and learn from others. She pushed us to get to the heart of what's been keeping us from an honest portrayal of ourselves and coached us, no coaxed us, into a soul searching artistic depth that many of us had never experienced. It was beautiful to be part of a space in which we all felt safe to express our fears, our failures and our love. She created an extremely supportive environment and I tackled some issues that have been holding me tight through visual and written work ... it felt amazing to get it out in front of me so I can look at it and then walk through it gracefully and artistically. Heather not only lead discussions but walked along side us in discovering new things about her art and her life. I feel like I have the tools to practice this art form and a group of people with whom to continue sharing. Her facebook group is very active and we're already geared up to follow up with some projects! She is candid, empathetic and a fantastic mentor."
Rachel Wheeler

"Heather Robinson has done it again! The Magician's Cape was an absolutely fantastic class, far surpassing my (already quite high from my experience with her The Family History class) expectations. Heather truly pours her entire self into her classes, and is constantly connecting with and encouraging all participants. The sheer amount of information in the course materials alone was enough to make it well worth taking, but when you add in the amazing class atmosphere and Heather's ever-present voice of inspiration, it just truly is an intense, cathartic experience of growth. I wish I could take it over and over again."
Kellie Pribbernow

"Heather has an amazing gift of taking your soul to place you didn't know existed, and answering questions you didn't know you had. This class was so much more than just a photography class, it was a heart-breaking and healing reveal of the depths of your motherhood, as well as an instructional on how to take those new-found thoughts and emotions and use them to drive you to new artistic places."
Jennifer Chase

"This course is more than just a class. It is a guided journey that will change your view of motherhood and most importantly, your view of yourself and the role you play in creating your family's legacy. These two weeks have been packed full with exercises, videos, projects, discussion, feedback and insights. It has helped me both live and photograph with intention. I am a changed person walking away from this experience, and my photography is a changed craft."
Russy Feldman

"This class was extremely eye opening and I am a changed person because of it. It helped me think about my role as a mother and made me realize the importance of showing up in my family photos and being a part of our legacy. Heather is such a talented woman and amazing teacher. She gives 110% during her classes and is extremely active, giving so much of her knowledge and emotion to her students every single day. Be prepared to dig deep and be vulnerable like you've never been before. There are daily exercises that will push you out of your comfort zone but the end result is so worth it when you look back and see yourself in your photo album, not just snapshots, but showing your role as a mother and your connections to your children. Have tissues handy and know that if you put in your all you will come out of this class a better person!"
Debbie Deonier

"Heather taught me techniques that have allowed me to grow so much as an artist and photographer! I learned how to include myself in my family photographs in ways I had never considered before! Her instruction is so comprehensive and her technique is amazing...I can sum it up by saying that this class and Heather Robinson is INSPIRING !" 
Aimee McCrory

"This class shows the you how valuable it is to get into the frame with your kids or alone. It helps
You figure out tools to help you get in the frame. It helped me break the barrier I had of thinking I always wanted to wait until I had my hair and makeup picture perfect, it’s about how your kids remember you, so I embraced my ponytail and makeup less face. I love Heather’s classes and this class did not disappoint it was really insightful and I loved it!!!"             
Kellie Llewellyn

"Photos from my own childhood are special, but the photos of me with my mom are treasures. And yet, it is all to easy to stay behind the comfort of my camera lens rather than get in front of it with my own children. Why is that? Heather helps each student in The Magician’s Cape to explore how and why we as moms need to be in the frame with and without (yikes!) our loved ones. I am walking away from this class with renewed resolve to get into the frame regularly AND I am surrounded by an amazing community of like-minded photographers from the Illuminate community. So worth it!"   
Stephanie Bieniarz

 "Heather is the most thoughtful, honest, courageous, dynamic, multifaceted informative instructor I've ever learned from. The value she adds to a class and the courage that she draws out in her students... one of a kind. She & her class are beyond worthwhile.
Mandy Benoit