some of the most beautiful photographs have the simplest edits

with Leah Zawadzki

NEXT SESSION: 2/3/20 TO 2/23/20


Class Overview:

I remember the days when I had no clue how to organize my photographs. I am reminded of this every time I search for images from those days and can't find what I'm looking for. Luckily, someone showed me a very simple way to structure my folders—AND then I learned Lightroom. Today, I’d be crazy without it. I hear so many that say it’s too hard or I don’t have time to learn it. Let me tell you with all certainty, you can absolutely learn it. This class not only teaches Lightroom but workflow and editing skills that will make post-production your favorite part of the process.

Past students have reported improved workflow, better edits, and massive amounts of time saved editing sessions. 

Where are you at with your own editing? Are you able to finish your photographs with edits that speak to your voice as an artist?  In this class we will explore this concept, along with the concept that it’s not always in the edit; it’s in the photographing itself. Sure you can use editing to fix some mistakes that may happen while photographing, but learning to understand how to edit can also help you begin to take better photographs. In this class, we'll look at ways to fix in-camera mistakes with editing, and at the same time, move you toward making better images all around.   

What You Will Learn:

  • the basics of lightroom CLASSIC with focus on library and develop modules

  • insight into how to use the program to maximize benefit for you 

  • what edits a photo needs and what it doesn't

  • how to evaluate your images and refine your style

  • you'll cut huge time off your personal and client workflow

  • curate your images into a cohesive and consistent body of work

  • simple techniques for processing black and white

  • about working with collections and Lightroom online (let me just tell you there are awesome tools out there!)

  • how to work with video

  • how to make beautiful books

  • improve your in-camera shooting (yep, we do that in a Lightroom class)

  • and much more...

Class Mechanics:

This three week online interactive workshop will include: 

  • most instruction provided via video presentation

  • daily interaction from me answering questions about the materials presented

  • students must submit 3-5 RAW images, a minimum of one image will be edited by me

  • small, simple assignments reinforce lessons

  • one large individually crafted assignment specific to your work

  • individual editing/image critique

  • illuminate presets provided to all active and silent students

  • special threads for silent students to submit work and interact

  • a digital PDF with all the lessons presented at the end of class

  • invitation to private FB group after class for The Simple Edit alumni

Student Reviews:

“I took Leah's class because I wanted to organize my photos using Lightroom and speed up the editing process--her class seemed the perfect solution. What I wasn't expecting was to become excited and energized about photography again and the whole creative process! We were only a few days into the class when I knew that it was going to be much more than what I had expected.  Leah isn't just a teacher, but a mentor and friend. She opened herself up to us in a very honest and genuine way and also took a very personal interest in each of us as students. I was amazed at how much time she put into giving us feedback and answering our questions. I'm enjoying working in Lightroom now, but I'm also shooting with more confidence, and for that I'm very grateful.”
Debra Lamb

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


It's recommended students shoot and edit RAW files.

The most current version of Lightroom Classic is required. Latest version of Lightroom for desktop is ok too, email Leah with questions.


Active Seat $300  |  Silent Seat $200 | Alumni $150

To learn more about the different types of seats offered, go to our FAQ section.

Dates of Next Class:

2/3/20 to 2/23/20


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