“Website Strategy & Design with Kate was an eye-opening and thought-provoking class. It was the kick in the butt I needed to really sit down and think about my brand and the message I want to send to the world. Kate's lessons were detailed, specific, and very thorough. She provided actionable feedback with specific ideas to assist when we were stuck. Her knowledge of web design was also especially important once we were ready to pull all of our new content together. I cannot recommend this class enough. Kate delivered the just-right balance of information, encouragement, and assistance.” - Gina Cooperman

“I truly couldn't have taken a better class for website design. I went into this class with no knowledge of how to properly use website design, font structure, or copy. This class blew my expectations out of the water and helped me build my dream website (that I am extremely proud of and confident in)! This class gave me the information to not only built my website but also gave me reasoning behind why I was doing everything allowing me to learn A TON. I always felt comfortable asking Kate questions that I had along the way as she answered them extremely thoroughly and efficiently. I will recommend this class 100 times over and over again!” - Sloane Vander Zwaag

“This class was exactly what I needed to move me forward from analysis paralysis to action and finally completion. I have been "working" on my website for months, but with the information, structure, and guidance that this class offered, I finished a functional (and I think beautiful) website in 3 weeks.” - Diane Evans

“Kate Densmore's Website Strategy and Design was truly a game changer for me. I can't even believe I just typed that because as I was going through the workshop, doing the work, I had many, many moments of resistance to this change!! I thought I had a perfectly fine website that just needed some tweaks. Through Kate's brilliant, well-worded and easy to understand PDFs she helped us figure out exactly what it is we want to say to our target client, then how to re-design our websites so our target client will want to book with us more easily.” - Linda Sobolewski

“he process of redesigning my entire website on a new platform was incredibly intimating and I had been procrastinating doing it for months. This class gave me the details and structure that I needed to finish my website in 3 weeks. With quick and thorough feedback to questions, Kate facilitated the process and truly made me feel supported. Before the class I felt alone, struggling to figure out what to do. Kate helped walk us through, step by step, of the design, content, and strategy for a functional and successful website. I am very proud of my new website and it is such a relief to have figure out how and what to do. I also know that it's never 'finished' and always an ongoing updating process. Now I am ready to do that and it doesn't scare me. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who needs a new or updated website.” - Diane Evans

‘Kate was an attentive and extremely knowledgeable teacher and instructor. Her feedback and answers to our questions were thorough and invaluable. I was interested in this course because I knew Kate is a documentary photographer, and as one myself, I thought the course would help me to build an effective website to promote my work better to my clients. And I was right! Kate showed a great understanding of my work, concerns and how to create a better website to market to my audience. I valued her advice and her course materials, videos and assignments really demonstrated the importance of having a good website design and strategy. I even learnt some marketing tips along the way in how to create a good brand story - thanks! I have had so many good feedback from people saying how they love how my new website looks. I now feel confident that I have a website that not only looks good but represents better what I offer and show off my images.” - Diana Hagues

“I thought my website was good, but after taking this class I realized that there was so much more that could be done. Kate took us through the fundamentals of what it is that makes a website not only functional but beautiful and moves people where you want them to go. I couldn’t be more pleased with the detailed help and encouragement from Kate and now I have a website that is truly stunning! Thank you Kate!” - Rebecca Cullimore

“I dont think having been shaken to the core the way I was in this workshop. It is so refreshing to step aside from our creative souls to embrace our entrepreneur roles. It is SO GOOD to finally hear and confirm that being a photographer isn’t only about images, but that words also have their importance. Now only my website is now much stronger and only a few weeks after this workshop and after having implemented the first changes, I can say there has been a difference in traffic and contacts and signatures! 
So really, Kate will provide the answers you are looking for if you are willing to work hard and keep an open mind ! Best business investment!” - Caroline Liabot

“When I joined this course, my website seemed so confusing and unorganized, even to me! I feel like it has been improved greatly and now correctly represents me and what I offer my clients. I really enjoyed being able to learn better ways to reach my ideal clients through my website and now I can take that knowledge with me to make changes as needed in the future.” - Aubrey Bahr