"This class felt like a master-level apprenticeship in the personal, emotional side of the creative process. Amy Grace has a gift for articulating this process from the inside – by showing us her work and letting us into her head as a creator – and from the outside – by nurturing the creative process and truth of each student. She provided feedback with a level of thoughtful, individual attention that I have never experienced before in an art (writing, photography) class. Amy is an amazing artist, teacher, and person. This class is a must for any artist wanting to go deeper with their work."
Jaime Greenberg 

"I have loved every minute of this class and was sad to see it end. It felt like the deepest conversation over coffee with your best friend. For a long time, I've been wanting to explore writing along side photography and felt blocked and self-conscious about it. Amy has completely changed that. The class is so full of inspiring and deeply personal writing and exercises to get you to write from your heart that it is impossible not to pick up a pen or to sit down at the keyboard. I also loved getting to know and interacting with my classmates who were on a similar journey of self-exploration. This class is unique, and the best possible space in which to create with words--Amy has created a safe, encouraging and inspiring environment in which to write without fear and through fear. It was also the best form of therapy! I so looked forward to her feedback which was always full of understanding, encouragement, kindness, and inspiration. The lessons and assignments flow and address all the aspects of writing with truth and honesty. If you are curious about self-exploration through the written word or writing in any form, whether for your client blog or your eyes only, don't walk, but run to this class. If you are a beginner or a pro with words, this class is guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing. Amy has had a profound effect on me--I not only gained the confidence to write and express myself but I also re-discovered my love for poetry and have continued to write after the class has ended. I also started a personal blog following the class and am no longer scared to write from my heart." 
Eve Satell

“I'm well into my photography journey and writing felt like an interesting medium to explore alongside photography. (I'm not a writer and far from it) Amy's class was just that perfect boost to explore yourself and your life inside and out and write about it. Amy is very open and encouraging and creates a very safe place to put your thoughts down no matter how simple or complex they are. She gives you keys to open many doors and find paths and find writing. There are no rules.  She gives excellent feedback to help you move forward and forward only.  If you feel you want to communicate alongside your visual images, this class is for you.”
Reem Alshaikh

“This was a deep and difficult class, in all of the right ways, particularly for advanced photographers looking to find a new outlet or way to photograph and access something that might be missing within their work that only they could find. Amy is a gifted instructor and makes each student's journey feel valued.”
Melissa Stottmann

“The entire course was a good experience. I'm still trying to internalize so much of what I have learned. It's likely that I will be thinking about what I read and learned for some time. Amy is so honest and open with herself that you can't help but be honest and open yourself. The result is a safe space where you can explore a deeper part of yourself and your art that you didn't know existed. Amy is all heart and so is this course.”
Elaine Palladino

“I was a house plant with enough water and light, thriving. 

In class, with Amy, we went outside and I turned to face the light instead of twisting toward it. 

And words now flow to me and I'm going to let them all come, thankful for anything and everything. 

Game on, I'm ready to play.”
Tatiana Johnson

“ Written and Illustrated by Amy Grace would have to be on my top three all time favorite classes. I finally got the 'why' of photography and how my connection with the craft can touch an audience, the viewer. It was creatively inspired, reaching my heart and mind. I loved every bit!”
Jennifer Fritz

“This class is quite unlike any other that I have taken. It does not work on the surface plane but rather deep dives into arenas typically untouched by other classes in the photographic realm. It is brilliant. If your goal is to write catchy captions to social media posts then this is not the course for you. If your goal is to thread a connection between your images and your emotions - and to then be able to understand and articulate this with words - register asap. Amy and her course are the real deal.” - Adrienne Harvey

“Amy is a next generation instructor. I've taken so many courses online and in person, and Amy is the very first instructor who has incorporated the sharing of secrets, feedback directed at the individual and true empathy. Her lessons are what most people pay thousands for in self-help courses and surprise! it relates to what you love doing already- making images. Her feedback is next level. I've never taken a course, photography or writing related, where the instructor came back with truly lyrical feedback. This course has expanded a project I've started and made it so much more than I could have ever imagined it could be. Without reservation, I can say this is the very best course as a photographer I've ever taken.” - Nicole Lenzen