Spotlight on... the students of Coming Home.

It's one thing to film documentary and lifestyle images in your own home, in a space where you feel comfortable, where you know the light inside and out and where the subjects are always readily around when an image presents itself. It's quite another thing however to walk into another person's home, not know the subjects as well, have to get familiar with the layout and light (fast) and capture that same unrehearsed, candid vibe.

In Coming Home, I teach my students everything they need to know about how to start/switch gears a successful and targeted in-home photography business.  It's the shooting exercise at the end of the class however, that finally pulls together the right and left side of the brain and I was so in awe of each and every student's strong desire to make the world fall in love with the in-home genre.

The assignment allowed for no words. Just the images. Because a strong storytelling image needs no words to actually tell the story.

Here's just a small sampling of the images that 5 students of Coming Home produced as they set out to tell people's stories and provide them with the gift of a tangible piece of their history, now preserved forever.

- jennifer tonetti spellman | instructor of Coming Home

images by Kelly Crews

images by Julia Moreira

images by Mischa Bolton

images by Kaleen Enke

images by Lauren Mcadam

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