The Family Historian with Heather Robinson Giveaway

"It is hard to let go, to slow down.  We live in a hectic world where we constantly zoom through our days.  We hurry our children too.  They resist as they try to live every moment to the fullest.  They linger in this happy state of wonder and joy that we call childhood.  This existence is momentary though.  Our physical time with them is minuscule, yet its effects are colossal.  You have the choice to quit skimming through this chapter of your life.  You can savor these moments before they slip away.  You can stop rushing them and instead take the time to soak up their elusive sweetness.  What’s more, you can take all of the sweetness, the wonder, the joy, and the magic that your children create and preserve it for a lifetime.  As a photographer and a parent, you have an amazing opportunity to create a legacy for your family.  No one knows the intricate details of your family’s story like you do.  With your camera, your words, and your love you can create the most precious gift for your family.  You can tell their story. "

Heather Robinson | The Family Historian