The Business of Photography With Jennifer Tonetti Spellman Giveaway!


Are you ready to jump start your business or are you in dire need to resuscitate it?  Looking for a no nonsense, straight to the point class that can lay it all out for you step by step?  The Business of Photography is a class I developed to hone in on the key factors of business that need to be addressed in order to run a successful photography business. Having a career for over a decade in advertising and marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world (Oraph, People, Seventeen) helped me to jump start my photography business in near record time back in 2009. Through my guidance, candid sharing of missteps I made, and my knowledge of the importance of marketing and branding, I aim to set every student on the right path to loving their brand, their business and truly recognizing the unique gift we all can offer to clients.  The gift of a timeless image that will be shared and passed down for decades to come.