Spotlight on the students of Embracing Your Inner Artist with Deb Schwedhelm

I often find this class, Embracing Your Inner Artist, difficult to precisely put into words. It’s not a class that revolves around learning a specific hands-on camera or photography technique; but rather a class that pushes each and every artist to grow artistically in a way that they individually need, wish or desire. From discussions on inspiration, style, and creativity to doing research on the masters of photography to making strong photographs in their own unique style, the students are encouraged to quiet the noise and listen to the artist within. 

Throughout the course, a lot of discussion takes place, not only with me but also amongst the students. This is something that I strongly encourage, as I believe that there is so much information and learning to be gained by asking questions, participating in conversations and providing honest feedback on image submissions. And I was blown away by this group of students. Not only did they readily interact and discuss the lesson information, almost every single student participated in every assignment over our three weeks together. 

My heartfelt goal with Embracing Your Inner Artist is to encourage students to recognize and embrace the artist that lies within and gently push them to their next step, in the direction of their own unique path. As each of us embraces all that we uniquely are, we free ourselves from the constraints that are imposed upon us, which allows us to run free in the direction and at a pace that we choose — and that is something to be celebrated.

Today, I celebrate my students from the January 2017 edition of my Embracing Your Inner Artist course, with a small sampling of the work that was produced for the final assignment. For this submission, the students are asked to put everything that was learned and discussed together and share images that embrace their own unique style. Truly, all the students did amazing and I am grateful for their time and commitment to learning.

Deb Schwedhelm | Instructor of Embracing Your Inner Artist and Project Development & Fine Art

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