Cultivating Connection

bringing life and heart to both your client and personal work

with Kyla Ewert

FALL CLASS: 11/4/19 to 11/17/19

Class Overview:

For a few years I wondered why I couldn’t get the images in my head onto my camera. I tried following “the rules”.  Instead of feeling like I was improving, I started to feel more removed from what I was creating. After some soul searching, I realized that connection was the missing piece in the photography puzzle for me. Once I opened up my heart to telling people’s stories and relating them to my own short comings, my images and my job took on a deeper meaning. If you can relate to this and you feel there is something missing in your client work, personal work, or you are struggling to connect with your audience, this course is for you. We will dive deep and get to the heart of what makes a connected, emotional image as well help you with simple poses and tips to bring out the REAL in both your clients and your own kids. I’ll take you behind the scenes during a family shoot, as well as show you how I approach photographing my own kids so you can see exactly what how I do it. 

If you are looking for something to bring your images to life, and give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone, this is for you. I invite you to take the next bold step in creating connection in your work and in your life. Flawed humans are most welcome, I promise you’ll be right at home with me. 

What You Will Learn:

  • my approach to family sessions, simple poses and techniques to get connection

  • my approach to behind the scenes with clients (e-mails, selling collections etc.)

  • Shooting my kids and getting connection 

  • How to produce images that connect with others

  • Bringing connection into all areas of your work

  • Different types of connection and how I pull it into my work, and how you can too. 

  • The difference between an ok image and one that feels deeper 

  • Picking the right image

  • My take on client sessions and what it takes to produce emotional images

  • Finding your clients

  • Tips & Tricks to make clients feel at ease

  • Connecting with your audience

  • Personal stories and encouragement to help you step out of your comfort zone

Class Mechanics:

This two week intensive online interactive workshop will include:

  • Behind the scenes footage of me capturing a family (video)

  • Hear my thoughts during the culling process from those sessions (screen recorded video) 

  • Weekly assignments with feedback by recorded video 

  • Informal Q&A to answers questions for silent, active and alumni students. 

  • All class members will be invited to a private facebook group after the class ends

  • A few editing videos to show how edits can bring more connection, these will be simple, but emphasize my point

  • Daily interaction from me answer questions about the course and information provided

  • Video lessons will be provided with some of the materials presented (Behind the scenes of me capturing my kids). 

Student Reviews:

“Kyla is an open book and takes the time to walk you through her entire process of how she cultivates connection in her personal and client work. In particular, I liked the questions she shared for critiquing my own images to help me figure out how I can work towards telling a better story with my images. I also felt that she did a good job of giving actionable tips for helping our clients settle into their most natural selves. I've shot a few sessions since taking the course and already I can see how her input is impacting the images I am making.” - Ellen Shaw

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


A DSLR or mirrorless camera and a firm understanding of shooting in manual mode


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Active Seat $250 |  Silent Seat $200

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