Street SmarT

a beginner's guide to street photography

with Jennifer Tonetti Spellman


Class Overview:

The year was 2012 when my mind was blown. I had just read an article in the NY Post about a female street photographer named Vivian Maier.  Her body of work was uncovered in an auction house, and through that discovery the path of my photography started to take a very different turn.

I've always documented 'real' moments. Having grown up in Queens, NY, raw was my reality and my mind was shaped in a certain way that didn't allow for anything but genuine documentation in my art. Right after I read that article I was taking a trip to London with one of my best friends and I told her 'I need time every day to hit the streets and figure out this street photography thing.'  Alone. I did and I was sold. You don't get more real than street. It is the most challenging yet fulfilling genre of photography in my book. You cannot plan for the moments, you cannot predict what you will get, you can walk around for hours and not get a single shot!  All you can do is merely hit the streets, be mindful and present and hold a mirror up to society and see what you presents itself. Easier said than done, you say? Well, welcome to Street Smart.

The number one question I have received from people who see my work is "how do you get past that fear of shooting strangers?" This class will address that question not only in the written words of the PDF but most important in 'live' recordings of me on the street doing exactly what I am suggesting to you to combat fear. I will be walking the walk that I talk if you will.  Because in street seeing is not only believing but understanding how attainable street photography can be for anyone.

In this basic beginner class we will address all you need to know in 3 weeks to get you out on the street with more confidence and awareness.

I can honestly say street work has changed the way I view my photography and my world. I've never felt more connected in a truly unconnected society.

What You Will Learn:

  • preparation of body + mind for the street (from equipment, to what to pack, to what to wear etc.)

  • tips for busting through fear and building your confidence on the street

  • elements of what makes a good street photograph | a look at the masters

  • managing patience and expectations

  • what to shoot when on the streets

  • how to interact with people on the street

  • processing to further your street story

Class Mechanics:

This three week intensive online interactive workshop will include:

  • video lessons that coincide with each written lesson presented in the classroom with Jennifer *live* on the streets

  • daily interaction/feedback/questions answered

  • bi-weekly assignments with individualized feedback on each assignment

  • 'live' Q+A at the end of class to address any outstanding questions

  • silent students will be provided a section of the classroom to interact with one another but should not ask questions outside that area or submit assignments

  • at the conclusion of the workshop, a PDF of all the lessons in class will be provided containing all the lessons presented during the course

  • all class members will be invited to join the jtsSTREET alumni Facebook group after the class ends

Student Reviews:

"Street Smart trained my eye and my heart to really see the world around me. It also, through Jenn's great videos, gave me the skills and courage to get out there! It was fulfilling to shoot for myself, to capture how I see my world and the people who cross my path.There is humor, deep meaning and moments of delight when someone walks into your frame. This class is like a great treasure hunt. Some of my greatest feedback on social media has come from my Street Smart assignments. It was also thrilling to get a new set of photog skills that serve well in poor lighting. This class is a lot of fun, builds legit skills, and did not disappoint. In fact, it opened an entirely new genre to me that is bringing me a lot of joy!"   
Dawn Wessman

To read more testimonials from past students go HERE.


This is truly a beginner's class designed to get you out on the street from assignment 1. I recommend a smaller, more 'point + shoot' type camera for class (Ricoh GR, FujiFilm x100T, Sony etc.) or an iPhone or smart phone.

Note: A dSLR can be used but you may find it too cumbersome and be held back by people being 'camera aware.'


Active Seat $275 | Silent Seat $200

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