Written and Illustrated

photos are silent, give them a voice

with Amy Grace


Class Overview:

Every single photo has a story that bleeds beyond the frame. These stories connect us, inspire us, tell the truth of the world and our lives. Photos are powerful and universal, but they have limits. This class gives you the chance to tell about what happens at the edge of the frame, what came before, and what comes after. It encourages you to use language and emotion to give your photos a soundtrack and a heartbeat.

I believe that all art comes from the same place, and that YOU are that place. In Written and Illustrated, we examine our lives with purpose, to find our “why” and lead us to ways to make our eyes new and our hearts and minds committed and engaged. The result is a body of work you feel rooted in, that represents who you are and how you see.

All writing is memoir, some wrapped in imagination.

In every photograph you will find the photographer.

My goal for you is to see yourself in your pictures,

and to understand why you are there.

This class is open to photographers and writers of all levels of experience and ability, and focuses more on process than mechanics. I teach according to my belief that every voice has something unique and powerful to offer the world, that personal work strengthens professional work, and that everything of value begins when we pay attention. Whether you are a mother documenting her child’s growing years, owner of a portrait or commercial business, someone who misses the writing you loved in college, or an artist who wants to go deeper or bigger with the scope of your work, Written and Illustrated will help guide you. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Merging personal say with photo essay

  • Experiment in different mediums to expand the language in our artistic toolbox

  • Understand the connection between visual and written language

  • Journaling as a powerful tool

  • Make personal maps, explore the power of memory to strengthen our work

  • Learn to use and understand metaphor

  • Use and recognize visceral cues, the concept of synesthesia, mixing mediums to tell emotional truths

  • Examination of the work and philosophies of other artists. regarding the nature of photography and autobiography

  • Understanding and using intuition as a driving force

  • Finding themes and patterns to inform your projects

  • Conceptualization of projects to use what you will learn

Class Mechanics:

This 3 week online interactive class will include:

  • Daily instructor interaction, question and answer on course material.

  • Daily lessons and several assignments

  • In depth feedback and review of assignments

  • Chance to share and ask for feedback in the safe environment of the workshop

  • Optional portfolio review

  • Invitation to participate in private Facebook group upon class completion

  • PDF/e-book to keep for reference and inspiration

Student Reviews:

“I'm well into my photography journey and writing felt like an interesting medium to explore alongside photography. (I'm not a writer and far from it) Amy's class was just that perfect boost to explore yourself and your life inside and out and write about it. Amy is very open and encouraging and creates a very safe place to put your thoughts down no matter how simple or complex they are. She gives you keys to open many doors and find paths and find writing. There are no rules.  She gives excellent feedback to help you move forward and forward only.  If you feel you want to communicate alongside your visual images, this class is for you.”
Reem Alshaikh

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Active $250 | Silent $ 200

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