Spotlight on...the students of The Simple Edit with Leah Zawadzki

The Simple Edit Class, over this last year, has become everything I wanted it to be. "Editing" to me is so much more than a throwing a preset on a photo, or spending hours to make an image just right. It's a small bit of a larger picture, from the point the shutter clicks to a final photo, observing and learning and then picking the camera up again. It's a full circle; it's integral to the process of making photographs and our growth as artists. 

I love what one of my students had to say; she got it....

The Simple Edit has taught me more than I can say, from editing to organizing, to simply taking better photos. Leah has helped me shape my photos into what I have held in my mind for so long, but not quite been able to make appear on the page. In this class, I have learned to follow the heart of the image I see in the edit. I now view editing as a way to further the telling of a story instead of viewing it as a correction process. This shift has helped me tremendously in my work. Leah's feedback and warmth have helped me bat away my insecurities and move forward in becoming a better photographer.  Lila Smyth

"I have learned to follow the heart of the image I see in the edit." That's a great line. 

All that said, it's still a Lightroom class, and we learn heaps about how to use the program. I love using Lightroom and teaching it because I am convinced that once we get our workflows down, we have more time for all the good stuff mentioned above. 

So proud of all my students and the work they do during our three weeks together. Here is a sampling of work made during class for the project due at the end of week two. I love that in the time it takes to start learning Lightroom, students also learn so much about themselves and the work they want to make.

 Deb Lamb  | Winter 2017

 Deb Lamb | Winter 2017

Anne Marie Inge  | Spring 2017

Anne Marie Inge | Spring 2017

Holly Parker  | Fall 2017

Holly Parker | Fall 2017

Lila Smyth  | Fall 2017

Lila Smyth | Fall 2017

Another favorite assignment is two-fold. First, I have the students take a look at their current body of work and curate to about ten images that represent the kind of work they want to make, re editing images if needed. It's amazing how hard that can be! But editing is not just about the color tone or curve you use in the develop module; it's about being able to differentiate between images and commit to the work you want to make. 

This exercise forces students to do that, at the same time making a grid in the print module. The print module is so much more than about printing! Photo grids for blog posts have never been easier and can all done in the same program. Not saying that learning the print module is easy, it's tricky at first, but with a little practice, it's a great tool to understand. 

Catherine Aldrich  | Winter 2017

Catherine Aldrich | Winter 2017

J  essica Murphy  | Winter 2017

Jessica Murphy | Winter 2017

Jennifer Chase  | Spring 2017

Jennifer Chase | Spring 2017

Amber Pembleton  | Fall 2017

Amber Pembleton | Fall 2017

Love my students and so happy that I am able to share some of the great work that is out there!! Hope to see some of you in Winter session! 

xo Leah

The Simple Edit winter session will run for three weeks and starts January 22, 2018.

Registration for this class and all Illuminate Classes opens November 29 and 12 noon EST.