Street Smart with Jennifer Tonetti Spellman giveaway!


You don't get more real than street. It is the most challenging yet fulfilling genre of photography in Jennifer's book. You cannot plan for the moments, you cannot predict what you will get, you can walk around for hours and not get a single shot!  All you can do is merely hit the streets, be mindful and present and hold a mirror up to society and see what you presents itself. Easier said than done, you say? Well, welcome to Street Smart.

The number one question Jennifer has received from people who see her work is "how do you get past that fear of shooting strangers?" This class will address that question not only in the written words of the PDF but most important in 'live' recordings of Jenn on the street doing exactly what she suggests to you to combat fear. From composition to what to look for, to what to shoot to how to process to complete the story, she covers all the basics for those looking to dip their toe in the street pool and does it all 'live' on video. Because in street seeing is not only believing but understanding how attainable street photography can be for anyone.